Oculus Air Link, Infinite Office and 120Hz coming to Quest 2

Oculus revealed that the next software update for the Quest 2 headset will introduce three big features for the VR headset.

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Facebook Reality Labs announced that the next update for Oculus Quest 2, v28, would introduce three new features to make the headset even more compelling. The company plans to unlock 120Hz mode, introduce the Infinite Office VR productivity solution, and enable native wireless PC VR through Air Link.

Oculus Air Link, Infinite Office and 120Hz coming to Quest 2 01

Oculus had previously announced Infinite Office, a productivity solution that enables you to use your Quest 2 headset as your work-from-anywhere computer. It allows you to create a virtual computing space with access to windowed web browsers, document creation tools, and chat communication apps.

Most importantly, Infinite Office enables you to bring your real keyboard into VR environments and allows you to see it through your Quest headset. You can pair the Logitech K830 Bluetooth keyboard to your Quest to enable this feature. Along with keyboard tracking, the new update will allow the Quest 2 to track your desk space and integrate it with your safety boundaries.

Facebook Reality Labs recently revealed that it would enable 120Hz mode on the Quest 2. We now know that feature is coming with update v28. As with the 90Hz update that rolled out last year, 120Hz will start as an experimental feature you can opt-in to try. Developers must update their titles to support the faster refresh rate, so it could be a while before you can actually use it.

The third new feature is Air Link, a wireless version of Oculus Link, giving you the freedom to cut the cord entirely and still enjoy your PC VR content. Air Link uses the same streaming protocol as the USB-based Oculus Link but transmits the stream through your home network via Wi-Fi.

Air Link won't replace Oculus Link altogether because it has several limitations. You will need to have a strong Wi-Fi signal and a router that can handle the required bandwidth. Air Link requires a 5GHz network on an AC or AX router for the Quest 2. The PC delivering the games must have a wired connection to the router. Your play area should also be within 20 feet of the router.

Air Link will roll out as an experimental feature alongside Infinite Office and 120Hz mode in update v28. The caveat is you will also require v28 of the Oculus desktop software, and with Oculus's staggered rollout, you probably won't get both updates at the same time.

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