These big changes are coming to Mass Effect in new trilogy remaster

BioWare is making quality of life changes to the original Mass Effect to streamline gameplay and make things user-friendly.

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The original Mass Effect game is getting some big quality of life changes to create more gameplay cohesion across the entire trilogy.

These big changes are coming to Mass Effect in new trilogy remaster 1

The new Mass Effect Legendary Edition is more than a simple remaster. Sure it has upgraded 4K visuals with HDR and smooth 60FPS, but in-game mechanics are also changing. BioWare is making some much-needed quality of life alterations to the original Mass Effect to ensure gamers can jump from ME1 to ME2 and ME3 more seamlessly.

The biggest changes include being able to sprint outside of combat, having full control of each squadmate during combat just like ME2 and ME3, significant adjustments to ADS, targeting, and aiming--sniper rifle sway has been removed, for instance--and a new Junk inventory designation that allows for mass conversion of items into omni-gel or bulk sales to merchants.

Check below for the changes coming to Mass Effect as part of the new Legendary Edition, which launches May 14, 2021 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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These big changes are coming to Mass Effect in new trilogy remaster 2

Combat & QoL

  • Shepard can sprint outside of combat
  • Melee is now tied to a button press
  • Massive weapon tuning to reduce reticle bloom, ADS, sway completely removed from sniper rifles, boosted aim assist
  • Ammo mods can drop even at higher levels/can be bought from merchants
  • Every weapon can now be used by any class without penalties
  • Weapon overheating reduced
  • Can now control squadmates independently in ME1 like you can in ME2 and ME3
  • Easier boss fights
  • Tweaked cover system
  • XP has been scaled to player level, removes need to beat game a second time
  • Increased ammo drops in ME2
  • Improved medi-gel efficacy--cooldown reduced
  • Items can be tagged as junk and converted into medi-gel or sold in bulk
  • Rebalanced abilities
  • Boosted weapon powers
  • Saves can be managed independently of each game
These big changes are coming to Mass Effect in new trilogy remaster 4
  • FemShep from ME3 is new default female option in all 3 games
  • Original ME1 FemShep is still available via preset option
  • New trophies, some carry across entire trilogy
  • Hundreds of bug fixes
  • New customization options like skin tones and hairstyles
  • New character code system saves your current custom character preset, allows you to import into new games
These big changes are coming to Mass Effect in new trilogy remaster 3


  • New physics adjustments make it slide around less
  • Improved camera controls
  • Improved shield recharge rate
  • Thrusters!
  • No XP penalty
  • Lava is now damage over time, doesn't instantly lead to game over

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