Co-op Wolfenstein FPS coming in July with Buddy Pass system

Wolfenstein's co-op shooter gets a neat Buddy Pass system, won't be sold as a premium game.

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Wolfenstein: Youngblood brings two-player Nazi-blasting mayhem to PS4, Xbox One, PC and Switch on July 26, 2019.

Machine Games' newest Wolfenstein game, Youngblood, brings online co-op to the series for the very first time. The game is designed to be a crazy hardcore chaotic romp that offers explosive FPS thrills in an arcade-style environment. Two-player action is the main selling point here, and Youngblood lets players initiate crazy tag-team style attacks to dispatch automatons, armored Nazi marauders, and robot dogs in their quest for fascist eradication.

Bethesda has a nice surprise up their sleeve this time. With the $40 deluxe edition gamers get a new Buddy Pass, which lets a friend download and play Youngblood with you even if they didn't buy it. Only one buddy can play with you at one time, but you can share the pass with as many people as you like. Co-op is online-only so you'll probably need Xbox LIVE Gold or PS Plus to play.

Although Youngblood continues the new Wolfenstein storyline, it's not a major AAA game nor is it considered a big sequel. Bethesda says Wolfenstein 3 will happen and Youngblood isn't it. The new co-op game be sold at a standard $30 price point rather than the usual $59.99 reserved for marquee titles, making it more of a side adventure to keep gamers engaged with the brand (and to rake in funds for Bethesda). It's kind of like Far Cry Blood Dragon was to Far Cry 3, or the new New Dawn is to Far Cry 5.

The deluxe edition will of course cost $40 and comes with the aforementioned Buddy Pass system.

Co-op Wolfenstein FPS coming in July with Buddy Pass system 1Co-op Wolfenstein FPS coming in July with Buddy Pass system 2
Co-op Wolfenstein FPS coming in July with Buddy Pass system 3Co-op Wolfenstein FPS coming in July with Buddy Pass system 889

In Youngblood, gamers will play as BJ Blazkowicz's twin daughters Sophie and Jess as they ravage their way through the future in 1980s Nazi-occupied Paris, leaving a trail of blood and fire in their wake. Machine Games enlisted the help of Arkane's Lyon studio to help adapt the 1980s into a fascist nightmare.

What's interesting is the online co-op aspect, the price, and the mention of skins and emotes. I'm wondering if the game will be monetized somehow...but it's not a mass-market game so probably not. If anything we'll see macro-monetization in the form of post-release expansions and DLC packs.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood releases July 26, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

Here's a list of core game features:

  • Murder, They Wrote: Team up with a friend or play alone with an AI companion in the first modern co-op Wolfenstein adventure. Perform new tag team maneuvers, crank up the voltage with the devastatingly powerful new co-op weapon, the Tesla Gun, and show off your flair with skins and emotes.
  • Escape from Paris: Wolfenstein: Youngblood features the most open-ended Wolfenstein experience to date. From a new base of operations located deep in the heart of the Paris catacombs, plan how and when to attack and dismantle the Nazi regime.
  • Sweatin' to the 80s: The wonder years, these are not. Featuring harrowing takes on iconic Parisian landmarks to graffiti-tagged streets, leather-clad Nazis, and an all-new soundtrack inspired by the synth heavy tones of classic 80s action films.
  • Lock and Load: Wield the latest advancements in power armor tech, weaponry, and armor to stamp out Nazi scum. Level up, explore, and complete missions to unlock new abilities, weapon attachments, gadgets, cosmetics, and more to complement your playstyle.

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