NVIDIA's next-gen GPU rumor: dual-fan cooler = new TITAN?

The latest rumor has the GeForce GTX 1180/2080 with a dual-fan cooler.

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NVIDIA edges closer to the unveiling of their next-gen graphics cards and one of the craziest rumors of them all have hit: the company will reportedly use a dual-fan, open-air cooler on their purported GeForce GTX 1180/2080 graphics card. Don't forget to enter our GeForce GTX 1180/2080 giveaway! We're giving away not one, but TWO next-gen cards as soon as they launch.

NVIDIA's next-gen GPU rumor: dual-fan cooler = new TITAN? | TweakTown.com

BenchLife is reporting this rumor and if it turns out to be true, we could be looking at the first Founders Edition card with a dual-fan cooler, but it definitely wouldn't be the first NVIDIA graphics card to don a dual-fan cooler. NVIDIA previously used a dual-fan cooler on the high-end GeForce 7900GX2 back in the day, and have not used a dual-fan on a GeForce graphics card since.

Sure, plenty of AIB partners use dual-fan coolers but they're all custom cards so they can do whatever they want. I really can't see NVIDIA using a dual-fan cooler on a new GeForce GTX 1180/2080 but then again, that's only because the company hasn't used a dual-fan cooler in a very long time. The aesthetics of the GTX 10 series FE cards is stuck in my mind after looking at, and using them everyday for over two years now... a dual-fan cooler just sounds strange.

But man, would it be awesome.

A totally balls-to-the-wall middle-finger salute to Radeon Technologies Group and AMD as a whole, if NVIDIA pushes everything to the boundaries with the GTX 11/20 series and a dual-fan cooler. The original GTX 1080 Ti runs at 83C under load without touching fan profiles and overclocking, which is a bit hot for my liking - so a dual-fan cooler on a new card could reduce temps by 10-15C easily. Add to that the new 12nm process and GDDR6 technology, and we could have one of the coolest-running FE cards ever made.

If anything... a dual-card release from NVIDIA would be better suited to a new TITAN graphics card. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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