PUBG PC Update 14 teased: big changes, anti-hacking system

PUBG's new Update 14 for the PC leaked, will feature enhanced gameplay, performance optimization, new anti-hacking system.

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We know there are some big changes some to Battlegrounds in the near future, but developer PUBG Corp. are flowing right into it to fix the PC version of the game up, which is suffering against Epic Games' Battle Royale juggernaut Fortnite.

PUBG PC Update 14 teased: big changes, anti-hacking system |

The new PUBG PC Update 14 is on the way, with update notes being spotted on the PUBG Vietnam website. It has been translated by Reddit user PascalMrHi23, where we can see performance optimizations, gameplay enhancements, a new anti-hacking system, and much more. Check out the full update notes:


  • Gameplay Enhanced grenades (grenades, pomegranates, gas bombs)
  • Increased damage and effective range of explosive grenades:
  • Absolute damage before in the 2.6m area around the explosion. Present: The absolute damage range will increase to 3.5m
  • Typical damage ranged from 3.5m to 8.5m
  • Light damage ranged from 8.5m to 11m. Effects of grenades increased: First, it should explain some concepts. The "direct effect" occurs when grenades explode in a 100 ° angle of view of the player An "indirect effect" occurs when the grenade explodes beyond the upper range, and the player stands within a distance of 5.5 meters from the explosion.
  • Maximum range of 20m
  • Depending on the distance to the explosion, direct effects cause the player to be stunned for up to 5.5 seconds, and at least 1 second (at 20 meters). Depending on the distance to the explosion, the indirect effect causes the player to be stunned for up to 3 seconds
  • The shocked character will cover his eyes, which is the movement of the new character.
  • The observer will also be shocked if he is watching a person with the effects of pomegranate.
  • The puddle will explode causing the person to be stunned (blind, deaf) if it explodes behind them.
  • You can not aim shot - ADS (aiming-down-sight) - when stunned.
  • Fixed a bug where the blurring effect was different in the graphical settings changes. Gas bomb will have new effects and increased damage Gas bombs will now cause two types of damage: indirect, and damage over time, depending on whether you stand directly on fire or not. If you stand on fire, you will receive both types of damage.
  • Indirect damage (stand on fire) increased from 10 to 12.5 damage per second. When caught in a fire, the player deals damage over time (10 damage per second) for 4 seconds.
  • Can not watch fire when it is burning.
  • If the gas bomb explodes on the wall, the fire will spread and spread over the ground.
  • Fire will spread over the surface of the wood in the house.
  • The fire from gasoline bombs will spread more if you throw up another gas bomb on the fire.
  • New moves are introduced, characters are burnt and will try to fire off the person by hand.
  • Adjust balance of some weapons and items
  • Reduces horizontal and vertical traction on SCAR-L guns
  • Reduces basic damage of M24 from 88 to 79
  • M24 is no longer in the supply box but will appear around the world
  • Tactical stock and Cheek pad will be less effective in returning. Now they will speed up the shot

Change the Light Grip

  • Light grip will not affect jerk or speed again
  • Light grip will drop 15% of the first shot / shot or shot individually.
  • Animation kick decreased to 20% (from 30%)
  • For Vector to become more popular, the rate of this gun has increased to the level of UMP-9 (other SMG guns stay the same).
  • Increases the rate of DMRs UI / UX
  • Add message when healing item can not be used.

New anti-hacking system

We have added a new fraud prevention system developed from within PUBG Corp. Before posting to the Live server, we will test on the Test server. Help us test!

At the start of the game, you will see a Popup displayed on the screen with 2 options. Click "Security Mode" for the Anti-Cheat system to work, and if that does not help, press "Compability Mode".


  • In our developer blog last week , we mentioned work improving the performance of the game. Some changes will take a long time, but we've completed some improvements with the following positive changes:
  • Enhanced character rendering capabilities, reducing frame dropping.
  • Optimizes character movement when parachuting, which helps to increase the frame when many people are next to each other.
  • Improves network code, reducing lag.
  • Increase the speed of data transfer on the server (item, door, fence), so that things look right when the player answers down.
  • Improved processing on the frame updating server with vehicles and characters, which reduces the abnormal physics of the vehicle.


  • You can turn on the new Head Related Transfer Function (HRTF) in the Settings section (only affects the enemy's shot sound). This audio mode simulates 3-D audio even on 2-channel stereo headphones. We've detailed this in the Developer's Blog on Audio Enhancements.


  • Fixed some abnormal impact flaws on Erangel and Miramar.
  • Fixed a character stuck at a certain point on Erangel.
  • Corrects character passing through objects in certain areas on Miramar.
  • Increase the accuracy of the simulation trail for grenades.
  • Fixed an image error when adding choke to sawed-off.
  • Fixed a strange crash when the character jumped to the top of the car had another character in it.
  • Fixed a character who sometimes dropped his gun after just finishing a long shot.
  • Scope zero on the crossbow will be returned to the default value.
  • Fixed bug grenade bouncing around after breaking the glass door.
  • Fixed the tooltip in the game for the horizontal value of the cheek pad.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gun to not add 10% more reflex speed when added to the SLR.
  • Decreases the volume of the aircraft containing the supply box.

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