War Thunder on Xbox One X will hit 60FPS later this year

Xbox One X will have 60FPS option for War Thunder later this year, with 'higher graphical settings'

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War Thunder is exclusive to the PS4 and PC right now, but the game will be launching on the Xbox One family of consoles soon enough, with some Xbox One X exclusive upgrades.

War Thunder on Xbox One X will hit 60FPS later this year | TweakTown.com

During an interview with Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudinstsev, the developers will be adding a new 60FPS performance mode and graphical upgrades to the PS4 Pro in the near future, as Sony's beefier console only runs War Thunder at 1440p 30FPS right now.

The developer said that they are "thrilled to announce that we have reached an agreement with Microsoft to bring War Thunder to Xbox One and Xbox One X". Yudintsev added: "We plan to achieve 60 fps or 30 fps with higher graphical settings (as an option) on Xbox One X later this year, with one of the upcoming engine updates. At launch we will be 30 fps, I guess, uncapped".

As for the upgraded graphics, he finished off by saying: "There will be some enhancements in graphical quality (such as shadow quality, anti-aliasing quality, etc). Texture resolutions will be the same".

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