Cougar annouce the Puri and Puri TKL gaming keyboards

Featuring unique features such as a magnetic protective cover and detachable cable all for under $80.

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Cougar have announced the arrival of two FPS orientated gaming keyboards. the Puri and Puri TKL. Combining German-made Cherry MX mechanical switches and powerful backlight that allows for individual customizable, the Puri and Puri TKL are great solutions for high-level FPS gaming.

Cougar annouce the Puri and Puri TKL gaming keyboards 01

A heavy focus on mobile gaming for LAN parties and tournaments is evident, Cougar have included a detachable cable and unique magnetic protective cover making the Puri and Puri TKL an excellent choice for professional gamers and gaming enthusiasts who are constantly on the move. Other features included by Cougar include 3-level high adjustment and cable management.

Cougar annouce the Puri and Puri TKL gaming keyboards 02

The Puri features a full-size keyboard while the Puri TKL, is obviously a TenKeyless edition that allows for even more versatility. These two keyboards offer great value starting at $69.99 for the Puri TKL and $79.99 for the Puri with availability set for some time during October 2017.

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