8K gaming on 4 x TITAN X: 7680x4320 never looked better

The only YouTuber streaming in 8K uses 4-way TITAN X graphics cards.

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I'm sure that most of you how just how addicted I am to technology, so when I find a YouTuber streaming 8K gaming at 60FPS, it begins to have weird effects on my body.

YouTuber 'ThirtyIR' runs an absolute beast of a gaming PC, powered by Dell's new UP3218K display with its native 8K resolution - a huge 7680x4320, the only 8K monitor on the market. Inside, ThirtyIR runs a huge 4 x TITAN Xp graphics cards, all powered by an Intel Core i7-6950X processor, ASUS Rampage V Extreme, and 64GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum DDR-3200 RAM. It's all run with a Corsair AX1500i PSU, plenty of power to handle the 4-way GPUs.

His latest stream was of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, running it at 8K on his 4-way TITAN Xp graphics cards, and it looked beautiful. You can playback 8K content on YouTube, which takes a damn lot of CPU horsepower to run on Opera and Chrome, but Microsoft's own Edge browser in Windows 10 has better GPU scaling in the browser, making it a useful switch - at least for when you're watching 8K video on YouTube.

You can find ThirtyIR's Facebook page right here, and his YouTube channel here.

8K gaming on 4 x TITAN X: 7680x4320 never looked better | TweakTown.com

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