AMD took 10.4% CPU market share from Intel in Q2 2017

AMD takes its largest CPU market share gain in HISTORY in Q2 2017, thanks to Ryzen.

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Intel must be shaking in its boots over the various threats from AMD, and now there's news that AMD has scooped back a huge 10.4% of the CPU market share from Intel... all in Q2 2017.

AMD took 10.4% CPU market share from Intel in Q2 2017 |

PassMark's quarterly market share report has interesting results, from thousands of submissions that flow through their database each quarter. Remember: PassMark's market share data comes from benchmark submissions, and not total systems sold - it also doesn't include any operating systems other than Windows.

AMD now owns 31% of the CPU market, which is a huge freakin' deal compared to the 20% they had just three months ago. This is the largest CPU share dominance AMD has enjoyed over the last 10 years, and a 10% gain in the CPU market in a single quarter is a massive achievement.

Before Linus and all the cool kids started ragging on Intel, I said in February that Intel was scared of Ryzen - before AMD had even launched their new CPU. It appears that now, months after AMD has launched Ryzen and are on the edge of launching Ryzen ThreadRipper, that everyone is coming to their senses and realizing that a perfect storm is brewing over at AMD.


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