iPhone X: wireless charging + 'smart' port for VR/AR

Apple's next-gen iPhone X features 'Smart Connector': wireless charging, and is used for VR/AR headset.

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Apple is expected to roll out a truly next-gen iPhone in a few months, something that is currently being teased as iPhone X - and now the latest report says that Apple will have a 'Smart Connection' on the iPhone X that will be capable of wireless charging, and it'll work with an AR/VR headset.

iPhone X: wireless charging + 'smart' port for VR/AR | TweakTown.com

The Verifier reports: "Today we can share with you that the next iPhone (iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone Pro or 7S) will include the same "3 points" of the same iPhone. The smart connection at the bottom will enable wireless charging without the need for a dedicated cover. In addition, the same connection will be used by the new iPhone users in the VR / AR experience which Apple has been working on lately. It is not yet known what will be the way to transfer that experience (VR glasses? AR glasses like Google Glass?) But Apple is looking for creative ways to differentiate itself from its competitor".

We should expect Apple's new iPhone X to feature wireless charging at the least, but a few industry experts are saying Apple will have some form of AR/VR headset unveiled at the same time, and it'll work in conjunction with the new iPhone - just like Samsung's latest Galaxy S8 will work with the latest GearVR headset.


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