4-player coop mode coming to Watch Dogs 2 in June

Ubisoft is releasing a free 4-player coop mode for Watch Dogs 2 in June.

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Ubisoft is continuing to tweak and work on Watch Dogs 2, with a new update arriving this month that will add a PvP 2v2 team mode called Showdown, but there's also a new drone, motocross, eKart rates, and more coming into the multiplayer world of the game.

4-player coop mode coming to Watch Dogs 2 in June 05

The company has officially unveiled the new Watch Dogs 2 content roadmap for 2017, with April, May, and June seeing free content released - with Ubisoft teasing "support for a 4-player party to explore the city and play activities together". There is a new paid DLC pack called 'No Compromise' which drops on the PS4 in April, while PC and Xbox One gamers will have to wait until May. No Compromise features a new DedSec Operation called Moscow Gambit, 6 new single player race time trials, new clothing sets with police, fireman, and paramedic uniforms - each with their own "unique behaviors", and finally - 2 new non-lethal weapons with the air shotgun and sniper stun rifle.

Watch Dogs 2's free content for April on all platforms includes Showdown, a new PvP team-based online mode. There'll also be some fun for multiplayer with MotoCross, eKart and drone races now throwing your friends into the mix. There'll also be a new 'Armored Truck Feature' for both single player and cooperative modes, a new non-lethal paintball rifle, and 13 new clothing items.

4-player coop mode coming to Watch Dogs 2 in June 06

In May, there will be another batch of free content including seamless PvP support in the April release of the 'Armored Truck Feature', a new seamless PvE event, and "major improvements" to the leaderboards interface. Ubisoft is stating there will be "minor gameplay improvements" made to the Bounty Hunter mode, as well as "continuous improvements and fixes" from the May patch.

Then in June, the 4-player party to "explore the city and play activities together" launches, as well as more continuous improvements and fixes.

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