Sony Pictures reboots 'Dragon Tattoo' franchise

Series set to finally continue after laying dormant for nearly a decade.

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Director David Fincher's spectacular Hollywood adaptation of Stieg Larsson's 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' series is finally set to continue nearly a decade from the release of the last film, albeit in a full reboot minus Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara and David Fincher.

Sony Pictures reboots 'Dragon Tattoo' franchise |

According to The Wrap, Sony Pictures has hired 'Don't Breathe' director Fede Alvarez to take the helm of the fourth book in the series; 'The Girl in the Spider's Web', which has locked in a late 2018 release date. The 2009 adaptation grossed $232 million worldwide, but was seen as a disappointment based on the strong cultural awareness, coupled with the budget excesses for the r-rated film incurred by the infamously fussy director.

'The Girl in the Spider's Web' is set to hit cinemas in October 2018.

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