Official 'Alien Covenant' prequel short released online

'The Last Supper' sets the scene for the next 'Alien' film.

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Fans excited for the first new entry in the 'Alien' series since 2012's 'Prometheus' can go and get their fill a little early, in the newly released prequel video which helps fill the gaps before 'Alien Covenant'.

'Alien: Covenant' is set to strengthen the connective tissue between the 'Prometheus' and 'Alien' movies - with the classic Xenomorph alien set to scare a new generation of film goers, and featuring the return of the malevolent android David (Michael Fassbender).

Official 'Alien Covenant' prequel short released online |

'Alien: Covenant' will hit 3D and 2D cinemas on May 19 2017.


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