Battlefield 1's new update includes SLI fixes, and more

SLI fixes are on their way for Battlefield 1, but there are new drivers required after that, says DICE.

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Battlefield 1 has been getting patched since its released, but DICE are now teasing the upcoming patch for BF1 that will fix various issues SLI owners are having with the game.

Battlefield 1's new update includes SLI fixes, and more |

DIJCE producer Ali Hassoon took to Twitter to say that there are "some fixes coming with next patch, but there are other that need new drivers from the manufacturers", when asked about fixes for NVIDIA GeForce SLI owners. The new update will also have various other fixes, with someone asking about a fix for "quitting after games finish", and another glitch where "you can't shoot after getting revived". Hassoon tweeted: "we are aware, fixes incoming".

Another BF1 gamer asked about hindrances in the game, with Hassoon replying: "we are looking into lowering pre-round break limit as an option for admins". Another user asked "any change of admins having access to a full, scrollable chat log", to which Hassoon replied: "good idea, will look into it".


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