MacBook Pro GPU issues caused by software, not AMD

AMD Radeon GPUs weren't the cause of Apple's new MacBook Pro's GPU issues, but third-party software.

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It looks like the GPU-related issues on Apple's freshly-released MacBook Pro laptops was not because of the AMD Radeon graphics inside - something I said a few weeks ago, as all signs are pointing towards crappy third-party software ruining consumers' expensive new purchase.

MacBook Pro GPU issues caused by software, not AMD |

AppleInsider reports from sources familiar with the matter that "overaggressive or otherwise sloppy code distributed in third-party software is to blame. That said, a small number of users report seeing similar problems with Apple's own Photos app". I don't see the words "AMD" or "Radeon" anywhere there, but I do see the words "third-party" and "Apple's own Photos app", though.

In my article titled 'Apple can't launch high-end MacBook Pros without issues', I said: "There were issues with the new 15-inch MBP that sports AMD's new Radeon Pro 400 series graphics, with people taking to the MacRumor forums to complain about their problems. But there are a lot of people with 13-inch MacBook Pros that are experiencing issues, and there is no AMD hardware inside of those models - that's all an all-Intel MacBook Pro, with the same issues the model with the Radeon Pro 400 series graphics has".

I slam dunked the issue, finishing the article off with: "The issue here is that Apple, a company that prides itself on being courageous for removing the headphone jack from the iPhone 7, and is meant to be the top of the pyramid when it comes to their quality products. So much so, that Apple even has a $300 book on its amazing designs, yet its new $4000+ laptop was shipped with major issues resulting in thousands of people complaining about issues on their new laptops".

We should have proper confirmation in the next few days, as I'm sure Apple is scrambling to write a press release about it.


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