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The Last of Us 2 is Ellie's harrowing story of hate

'This story is about hate, and an intense, harrowing, and emotional adventure.'

Derek Strickland | Dec 3, 2016 at 5:32 pm CST (2 mins, 29 secs time to read)

Naughty Dog reveals new story details about The Last of Us Part II, discussing how the sequel will be a polar opposite from the first PlayStation exclusive.

The Last of Us Part II is a direct counter to the original game--the first game was about love and bonding, the sequel is about dark malice. The long-awaited sequel will star a 19 year-old Ellie who's driven by malicious burning hate. While the game will follow Joel and Ellie, players will see through the eyes of Ellie as she turns the world red with blood in her hate-filled quest for revenge.

Ellie has changed a lot since we saw her last: she's grizzled, tough, deadly. The trailer opens up with her singing an eerie tune among the bloody corpses of her foes, and as Joel walks in with a familiar "Hey Kiddo," her eyes are smoldering orbs of raw rage.

"This is a story about hate, and [it'll be] an intense, harrowing, and emotional adventure," Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann said at a PlayStation Experience 2016 panel.

The trailer makes this point very clear, as Ellie flat out promises to go to the ends of the post-apocalyptic Earth for her revenge: "I'm gonna find...and I'm gonna of them," she says.


Meanwhile Naughty Dog has posted up a quick update on the PlayStation Blog concerning The Last of Us II:

"I can't tell you how satisfying it is to finally be able to say that Ellie and Joel are back for another intense, harrowing, and emotional adventure. Like many of you, we have a deep love for the world of The Last of Us and its characters, and while a sequel may have seemed like a foregone conclusion, that wasn't the case. We knew that it needed to be a story worth telling and, perhaps more importantly, a story worthy of Joel and Ellie. After spending years on different ideas (and almost giving up), we finally uncovered a story that felt special-a story that evolved into an epic journey.

"It's still early days for the project-the game's release is a ways off-but we couldn't wait any longer to give you a glimpse of what's to come. We're going to let the trailer speak for itself, but expect more information about The Last of Us Part II in the coming months.

"Keep an eye on Naughty Dog's channels to see more of what we're up to this weekend.

"Until next time, endure and survive!"

As Naughty Dog says, The Last of Us Part II is a "long ways off" so expect a launch in 2018 or even 2019.

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