Titanfall dev prefers gameplay over visual fidelity

Respawn boss says he prefers gameplay experience over visual fidelity.

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Titanfall 2 is finally out, and while I've been spending my time in Overwatch still, Respawn CEO Vince Zampella talked with Glixel after the launch of Titanfall 2 and was asked a question about the gameplay in the game, and was met with an interesting reply.

Titanfall dev prefers gameplay over visual fidelity | TweakTown.com

Zampella explained the reasoning behind the gameplay in Titanfall 2 feeling so good, where he said: "It's just that we focus on it. We make decisions based on it. Our animations are interruptible by movement. Some games have animations that you have to wait for them to finish before the next movement that you're doing. So the movement feels sluggish and sloppy. On screen, to somebody who's watching you play, they might think that looks slightly better. But it doesn't feel right. It feels like you're playing in molasses".

Respawn is shifting towards making the gameplay tight, and responsive in the trade off with visual fidelity - but that's fine with me, except for one reason. The current-gen consoles are holding us back, because big developers like Respawn are having to say they'd "sacrifice visual fidelity for gameplay experience", but I'm more of an I-want-it-all guy. Zampella added: "I would sacrifice visual fidelity for gameplay experience. It has to feel good. It has to play right. It has to be fun".

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Zampella also affirmed that Respawn's newfound focus on gameplay over visuals would carry over to its upcoming third-person action Star Wars game. The untitled Star Wars project will focus on character-driven experiences instead of flashy graphics or visuals, but also deliver "larger than life action" and "groundbreaking mechanics" that the series is known for.

Respawn's Star Wars game is slated to release sometime between 2019 and 2020.

But, I do commend Zampella - as he's right about gameplay being more important. I respect that he aims for the gamers experience to be 100%, rather than the other way around where developers are now obsessed with 4K gaming. Although, if we had super-powered consoles then the problem would be moot - we could have our cake, and eat it too.

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