Pokémon GO Buddy System, not only cute but useful

Pokémon Go Buddy System update is beyond cute and useful for app users.

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Pokémon GO fans can now suit up and take their buddy along for the ride with the latest Pokémon system update, allowing users to assign a Pokemon as their buddy as they walk alongside your avatar.

Pokémon GO Buddy System, not only cute but useful | TweakTown.com

The new feature is available now for Apple and Android users with Niantic's latest update that lets the likes of Pikachu, stand on the ground beside the trainer avatar in the details screen. The cuteness overload factor comes into play after accumulating 10km, the little yellow mon hops onto your shoulder, replicating the bond and friendship that character Ash experienced in the original TV series.

Other Pokémon such as Jigglypuff, Charmander and Evee are amongst the available mon for the update. The advantage of having an active Buddy Pokémon while walking earns candy for that particular species, which can then be used to increase status.

The new Buddy System for the Pokémon Go app, is already available and popular amongst users. The additional feature not only looks cute, but provides valuable use in the app, lending a helping hand to trainers.

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