Thrawn returns to 'Star Wars' canon in 'Rebels' new season trailer

The Empire's big bad is set to return in animated form.

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Author Timothy Zahn almost single handedly rejuvenated the 'Star Wars' saga in 1991 with the book 'Heir To The Empire' which introduced the big bad Grand Admiral Thrawn. Despite being a hit with fans and spawning multiple sequels, the Thrawn saga was excised in the great expanded universe purge when Disney took over the franchise in 2012. Now, the character is set to officially return to canon in the newest season of 'Star Wars: Rebels'.

Thrawn is set to be voiced by 'House of Cards' star Lars Mikkelsen when the season premiers later in the year, and Zahn is set to pen a new book featuring the character which will go on sale next year.

Thrawn returns to 'Star Wars' canon in 'Rebels' new season trailer |

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