HTC Vive Business Edition costs $1200, comes with commercial support

There's a new HTC Vive in town, and it costs $1200. Don't worry, the added cost includes some valuable benefits for businesses.

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By now everyone is beginning to understand that virtual reality is about much more than video games. From medicine to automotive to architecture, a roomscale VR system like the HTC Vive has near-limitless possibilities in the commercial and business space. HTC is poised to capitalize on that with a brand new version of the HTC Vive: A Business Edition that costs $1200, comes with a dedicated customer support line, commercial licensing, and a unique warranty.

HTC Vive Business Edition costs $1200, comes with commercial support |

"Virtual reality has already proven its appeal among consumers and is now revealing its potential for enterprise," said Olivier Ribet, Vice President High-Tech Industry, Dassault Systmes. "Vive helps us provide our customers from all industries with premium virtual reality experiences that offer unlimited perspectives to inspire product ideation and creation."

Dassault Systemes (owners of -- Nintendo must hate that!) is a company providing other business with virtual universes to test the experiences they're building at any point in the product lifecycle, so it's no surprise they're championing the Vive Business Edition.

Part of the appeal in the enterprise sector is HTC's dedicated customer support line to quickly solve any issues or concerns, and a special commercial-level warranty and commercial licensing.

Another company you're all familiar with is lending their praise: Bob Pette, Vice President, Professional Visualization at NVIDIA commented, "Vive's room-scale VR, powered by NVIDIA Quadro GPUs, is a great way for professional users to work interactively and move around within their designs. From design to manufacturing to medicine, virtual reality will revolutionize how business gets done."

Now that the Vive is shipping out fast to consumers, HTC is comfortable inviting business to order the Business Edition Vives in large quantities. And they're obviously hoping that the dedicated support and additional perks will encourage business to choose Vive over Rift for their business or commercial applications.

If you're one such business, you can learn more over at

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