Spring Cleaning update for Dota 2 is massive, makes sweeping changes

Vale has released their Spring Cleaning 2016 update with more bug fixes and improvements than some might think possible in one update.

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Valve is doing some Spring Cleaning in Dota 2, getting rid of the fat and all those dust bunnies that have built up over the years. That is, they've detailed an absolutely massive update that's been designed to make some significant changes throughout just about every aspect of the game.

Spring Cleaning update for Dota 2 is massive, makes sweeping changes | TweakTown.com

Chief among those are fixes that address some quality-of-life issues that have been annoyances, yet never quite taen care of in any previous update. There are now neutral spawn indicators, where you can view Neutral Creep spawn boxes when selecting Observer and Sentry Wards to place on the map. Camera control hotkeys are also making it into the update to help make switching between views a bit easier. The settings menu has been streamlined and the armory has been vastly expanded and updated as well. They've made nearly 200 different fixes in this particular update, all of which are shown below.

User Interface

  1. Added a new minimap settings UI
  2. Reorganized the settings panel UI
  3. All non-machine specific settings are now saved in the Steam Cloud
  4. Fixed being unable to search for a match while spectating
  5. Various fixes to Directed Camera
  6. Enabled binding mouse wheel up, mouse wheel down, and mouse 3 as hotkeys (including ALT variations of them)
  7. Hovering over a unit's stats panel now visually shows their attack radius
  8. Fixed strings modified in Custom Games carrying over to other games
  9. Added range indicator for items on hover
  10. Updated all abilities to show range indicator on hover
  11. Added an option to make your HP bar different from your allies to make it easier to notice your hero (Green for you, yellow for allies, red for enemies)
  12. Added a right click option to the armory preview in the top right to Unpack and Equip directly
  13. There is now an option to invert Quickcast to cast on button release rather than press
  14. Added support (Ctrl-Shift click) for appending to the quickbuy panel to add individual items
  15. Item tooltips (including shop tooltips) show active cooldowns (This allows you to see if e.g. TP scroll has a cooldown for you before you buy one)
  16. Fixed graphs flatlining during game pauses
  17. After clicking on a keybind control, it will present you with an X button which can be used to unbind that key - double-clicking a keybind control will also unbind it
  18. Fixed the Match Details page to update properly when it's waiting for a pending replay to become available
  19. Fixed inability to switch camera while paused in replays
  20. Using Voice Chat in the dashboard now more clearly shows who is talking
  21. Fixed a rare case where two heroes could be picked at the same time in Ranked All Pick
  22. Improved the Watch Tab responsiveness and behavior when it gets match content
  23. Fixed text-muted players still being able to draw on the minimap
  24. Fixed red background on dashboard in play panel when in low priority
  25. Updated the Watch Tab to refresh automatically to find new matches
  26. Added a slider to adjust the self cast timeout threshold
  27. Added a UI setting for minimap misclick threshold
  28. Added a UI setting for disabling camera zoom
  29. You can now hover over creeps stats to see their detailed information
  30. Reworked the Auto Attack option UI
  31. Fixed the Attributes tooltip being stuck on the screen sometimes
  32. Fixed various scenarios where you could be unable to accept a party invite
  33. Added a button to mute your mic from the dashboard
  34. Fixed MMR not updating in the profile right after you win/lose a ranked game
  35. Fixed disconnect warning text being stuck in the top right
  36. Fixes to various Mac and Linux specific problems
  37. Fixed various bugs with Korean IME
  38. Re-enabled musical stingers when receiving new items
  39. Unbundling items no longer adds them to the new acquired items in the armory hover
  40. Effigies and Barracks now name the player that killed them in the chat log
  41. Fixed a rare bug that could cause Item icons to be stuck on your cursor
  42. Fixed a bug with demo hero while accepting a match
  43. Updated lobby game mode listings to make it clear which All Pick is the Ranked version of All Pick
  44. Fixed various bugs when clicking on a username's link in a chat room
  45. Fixed the stop coaching button not working
  46. Fixed Coaches not appearing in friends list
  47. The chat cheat -wtf now also refreshes any active cooldowns
  48. The chat cheat -spawnneutrals now ignores units in the spawn blocking area and creates the neutrals
  49. The chat cheat -item no longer requires the full item name, it will instead match to a substring to create the item
  50. Added a chat cheat -lvlmax that levels your hero to the max and skills all your abilities
  51. Fixed a case where the game could hang at a black screen when changing video settings
  52. Fixed Poison Sting debuff tooltip showing garbled numbers
  53. Changed the 'Control Group Tab' bind to 'Next Unit' and 'Prev Unit' binds to facilitate use with the mouse wheel
  54. Fixed issue with tournament brackets showing incorrect brackets when loading a different tournament's bracket first
  55. Fixed Patrol key not working with League of Legends key templates
  56. Fixed Player icons in the loading screen for custom games with more than 12 players
  57. Fixed a number of cases where Rubick stealing spells in quick succession could cause ability keybinds to get scrambled
  58. Fixed selecting text right to left not letting you copy
  59. Added AoE targeting Cursor to Ignite
  60. Adjusted the range aoe indicator to be more visually accurate from the camera perspective
  61. Fixed being unable to search for Charms
  62. ALT-chorded keys can now be bound by custom games, use ALT+ in your key definition in addoninfo.txt
  63. Joining a party switches your active channel to your party channel
  64. Added Team MMR to Team Management Popup
  65. Default death stinger will always play on death regardless of music settings (Added an option to turn it off)
  66. Fixed minor UI glitch when clicking on game history settings and navigating elsewhere
  67. Added a new 'Immediate Camera Grip' feature, activatible in the Settings menu - this feature causes the camera to drag immediately when the Camera Grip key is pressed, instead of having the drag start only on a left click while the Camera Grip key is pressed
  68. Fixed the timedemoquit command
  69. Fixed Lobby search being case sensitive
  70. Fixed a case where ticket names will be mislabled
  71. Fixed Compendium buttons sometimes not appearing when looking at tickets on the profile
  72. Fixed TI3 ticket being pinned to the top left
  73. Adjusted the input field for Effigy text to not allow more text than will display


  • Fixed crashes due to memory fragmentation over long play sessions
  • Fixed a bug with stun application timing that could cause you to teleport to the fountain while stunned
  • Fixed Auto Attack after spell to not trigger on various other non-spell activities (like placing wards)
  • Fixed seeing the courier die in an area after it has already been dead for a while when you hadn't seen it die originally
  • Fixed bots being stuck trying to ward near cliffs
  • Fixed various effects malfunctioning when the target moves in and out of FoW (causing things like the Hex effect to play multiple times when the target reappears)
  • Assists now get counted whenever you place debuff on an enemy hero that dies
  • Assists now get counted whenever you place a buff on a hero that kills an enemy hero
  • Fixed Lifestealer having the wrong HP bar color when infesting Ancients
  • Fixed Sunray having a delay on updating the visual location of the ray
  • Fixed Ice Wall debuff lingering on heroes that become Spell Immune
  • Fixed Untouchable lingering when attempting to attack units other than Enchantress
  • Fixed Lycan's ult wolf changing into a headless Lycan model on death
  • Added a new setting to make summoned units always auto attack
  • Towers can now be targeted in FoW without giving the invulnerability error
  • Attack Speed changes during an attack now causes the animation and attack timings to update dynamically
  • Fixed a bug where units would occasionally walk back to their previous location after teleporting
  • Fixed various bugs with receiving a party invite and a match found at the same time
  • Fixed various attack animation prediction exploits (such as Coup de Grace)
  • Enabled Quickcast to work with non-hero units and neutrals
  • Fixed being unable to use Bottle, Mango or Tangoes on Spirit Bear
  • When using Auto-Attack after spell, you no longer auto-attack when denying allied units
  • Fixed Boots of Travel canceling when upgrading to Level 2
  • Equipped taunts will now automatically play in-game under a variety of rare circumstances
  • Fixed Roshan's model size after hex
  • Fixed Legacy Keys on allied disconnected heroes
  • Fixed it being possible to have multiple teleports to a tower without increasing the teleportion time
  • Fixed a backdoor bug possible with Chen's creeps
  • Spiderlings and Spiderites can now be set to two different control groups
  • Lycan, Visage and Warlock summoned units can now be independently bindable
  • Added Hero Responses for Arcane rune for some heroes (more will be added over time)
  • Added an Empty Bottle ground model
  • Fixed various sleep based spells not behaving like stuns with regards to queuing actions for when sleep ends
  • Fixed various systemic issues with Auras not updating when different owners of the aura apply it
  • Fixed Quickcast not working with Tango
  • Fixed Power Treads not disassembling to its original components
  • Fixed Nether Ward damage not disabling Blink
  • Fixed couriers losing track of their orders sometimes if they get purged
  • Added the ability to shift+control group selection/deselection of units
  • Alt clicking on an item with levels, like Dagon or Necronomicon, now displays the level
  • Fixed Deafening Blast max level not starting off the waves in the direction of your cursor
  • Fixed courier travelling deeper into the fountain than necessary in order to interact with the stash
  • Canceling Nature's Prophet teleportation now interrupts the sound
  • Fixed Roshan to update his health immediately on the upgrade timer, rather than the next time he spawns
  • Fixed screen space damage indicator triggering on non-damage events (like toggling Power Treads)
  • Fixed Sunray beam tracking when casting Icarus Dive
  • Fixed Spiderlings killing nearby trees when they die
  • Fixed some visual inconsistencies with Snowball appearance after the target has already been impacted
  • Fixed Assimilate/Infest to work correctly (force the unit out) with Relocate/Recall/Test of Faith
  • Added Disable Help support to Boulder Smash and Purifying Flames
  • Fixed Snowball visual not following invisible units properly
  • Fixed backdoor production not being removed by magic immune or invulnerable creeps
  • Fixed Wisp Spirits not hurting Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Familiars ignoring Auto Select on Summon setting
  • Familiars are now properly affected by movement speed changes and disables such as stuns or roots
  • Fixed Crimson Guard stack interval not being updated after recent changes
  • Fixed a bug where Eyes in the Forest trees would prevent nearby trees from regrowing
  • Fixed Maim not working against Spirit Bear
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness not ending when dying to Ice Blast
  • Fixed Multicast Ignite's interaction with Linken's Sphere
  • Fixed Lycan retaining the speed buff on respawn if he is killed during the transformation period
  • Fixed incapacticating bite not affecting illusions
  • Fixed Ice Blast AoE visual being inaccurate sometimes
  • Fixed Tether buff duration being incorrect on the target when using relocate
  • Fixed recasting Exorcism not causing existing ghosts to return to you and heal
  • Fixed Orchid buff not remembering the damage properly when another Orchid buff instance is added to the same unit
  • Fixed Lotus Orb interaction with Spirit Siphon
  • Fixed Infernal Blade being disabled by Break
  • Fixed Mana Drain with Aether Lens
  • Added 3D skybox support
  • Fixed Macropyre with Aether Lens
  • Fixed multiple instances of Force Staff on the same target not working properly
  • Fixed selling back items while dead in the range of the Secret Shop
  • Fixed Rubick not flying properly with Firefly/Arctic Burn
  • Fixed Ignite not affecting the AoE if the target becomes Spell Immune before it lands
  • Fixed Rubick not using the riding staff animation with Arctic Burn
  • Fixed a case where refreshing buffs from different owners could cause the buff to stop working if the original source doesn't exist anymore
  • Fixed players not getting a new hero if they disconnected during the respawn process in ARDM
  • Fixed Moonshard Buffs not transferring to new heroes in ARDM
  • Fixed Aghanim's Scepter Buffs not transferring to new heroes in ARDM
  • Fixed enemies being able to receive a Curse of Avernus buff by denying an affected unit
  • Fixed certain abilities being able to deal damage through Aphotic Shield if Aphotic Shield was cast during their effect (i.e. Earth Spike, Impale)
  • Fixed Aphotic Shield becoming stronger from negative damage
  • Fixed Earth Splitter giving vision at the center of the map
  • Fixed Earth Splitter with Aether Lens
  • Fixed Multicast Ignite affecting units in FoW
  • Fixed Spirit Siphon with Lotus Orb
  • Fixed spell stealing to consistently work on subspells (return, throw alch's stun, etc.)
  • Fixed Teleport from TP Scrolls canceling when a directly targeted tower dies
  • Fixed Glyph interrupting Phase Shift
  • Fixed cases where Lotus Orb reflected spells would incorrectly apply their effects through Spell Immunity: Battle Hunger, Brain Sap, Nightmare, Reality Rift, Test of Faith, Glimpse, Dragon Tail, Boulder Smash, Enchant Remnant, Mana Leak, X Marks the Spot, Enchant, Frost Blast, Open Wounds, Mana Burn, Decrepify, Leech Seed, Shadow Word, Satyr Purge, Satyr Mana Burn, Necronomicon Mana Burn, Eul's
  • Fixed Aghanim Blackhole dealing slightly less damage than intended
  • Fixed Linken's Sphere cooldown being higher when targeting allies
  • Fixed Headshot damage going through Spell Immunity
  • Fixed Clockwerk's alternate death animation not working
  • Force of Nature gives an error if there are no trees to convert
  • Fixed Doom Shards not being treated as your own units for purposes of bounty and kills
  • Fixed a bug when Fatal Bonded Meepo clones die
  • Fixed Astral Spirit not returning control to your hero when the spirit expires
  • Fixed Blur not reacting properly to Spell Immune units
  • Fixed Boots of Travel's visual effect being purgeable
  • Fixed Spin Web subability proccing Magic Stick
  • Fixed Mystic Snake ending if it hits an invisible unit
  • Fixed Lotus Orb interaction with Aghanim Scepter Goo
  • Fixed Tranquil Boots triggering when attacks land on dead units
  • Fixed Psi Blades triggering when attacks land on dead units
  • Fixed Ice Blast subskill proccing magic stick
  • Fixed Omnislash being affected by Damage Block
  • Fixed Bloodlust not being castable on Invulnerable allies/buildings
  • Fixed a rare case where Spiderlings could fail to summon spiderites
  • Fixed various very minor inconsistencies with Attack Modifier targeting rules and checks on Cast, Projectile Start and Projectile Land
  • Fixed Shadow Dance not granting passive bonuses if affected by vision spells like Amplify Damage
  • Inner Vitality now correctly applies its non-attribute based component to non-hero units
  • Fixed Stampede not applying to invulnerable allies
  • Fixed a 0 charge Drums of Endurance still being castable (even though it doesn't do anything)
  • Fixed being able to cast Sun Ray while you are using Icarus Dive
  • Fixed Stone Form stunning and damaging units if the Familiar died while landing
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness getting interrupted when toggeling wards
  • Fixed Life Break sometimes killing Huskar
  • Fixed a few crashes related to Lotus Orb
  • Fixed Charge of Darkness not destroying trees at the end of the charge
  • Fixed Stormhammer behavior when the primary target is hidden upon impact
  • Fixed Timbersaw attaching to trees behind him if he doesn't hit anything with chain
  • Fixed Sandstorm being canceled by purge
  • Fixed bugs with refreshing Static Charge buff
  • Fixed Dream Coil tether being incorrect visually if the targets get purged
  • Fixed recasting Barrier not reseting the Barrier's damage capacity
  • Fixed Tricks of the Trade not ignoring Nightmared units
  • Fixed multiple Torrents behavior
  • Fixed Thirst buff being temporarily purgeable
  • Fixed Echo Stomp excluding Ancients from consideration
  • Fixed Shadow Wave sometimes counting your hero towards the limit
  • Fixed Eidolons that split after being converted to a different team still create one Eidolon for Enigma
  • Fixed Untouchable slow malfunctioning if the enemy attacks an illusion of Enchantress first before immediately attacking Enchantress
  • Fixed Fire Remnant proccing Magic Stick
  • Fixed a case of Bristleback getting an infinite duration Warpath Stack
  • Fixed Tombstone Zombies malfunctioning against Illusions
  • Fixed the greyscale Lone Druid Bear effect getting stuck
  • Fixed Flaming Lasso damage debuff being puregeable
  • Fixed a rare case where Empowering Haste could stop working
  • Fixed Spiderling's Poison Sting sometimes not crediting you for the kill
  • Fixed Poof sound not stopping when the ability is stopped
  • Fixed a visual effects bug when Lotus Orb reflects Shackles
  • Fixed visual issues with Heat-Seeking Missile in FoW
  • Fixed multiple instances of Torrent not working properly
  • Fixed Phantom Rush triggering while dead
  • Fixed Techies kill counter
  • Fixed Poison Sting debuff tooltip
  • Fixed Sunray ending on purge
  • Fixed Multicast not being disabled under Break
  • Fixed Break not disabling collecting souls with Necromastery
  • Fixed Psionic Trap subskill proccing magic stick
  • Fixed Exorcism not autoattacking Spell Immune
  • Fixed desolator to apply its effect on attack landing, not attack starting - still applies before damage is calculated
  • Fixed Bloodlust autocast not working if Ogre gets purged
  • Fixed Blur buff being purgeable
  • Fixed Warpath not being disabled by Break
  • Fixed a case where the game could end if all living heroes died while other players still had heroes respawning in the fountain in ARDM
  • Fixed Ether Blast being castable on Spell Immune Allies (even though it did not have any effect)
  • Fixed Astral Spirit excluding Ancients from consideration
  • Fixed Song of the Siren subskill proccing Magic Stick
  • Fixed a very small window where towers could be vulnerable every 3 seconds
  • Fixed Natural Order not dynamically updates its armor reduction if the target's attributes change
  • Fixed various units Spell Immunity being dispellable (Couriers, Ancient Thunderhide, Ancient Black Dragon, Plague Wards)
  • Fixed Rubick retaining Flesh Golem after death
  • Fixed Haunt buff on Haunt illusions being dispellable
  • Fixed some minor targeting behavior inconsistencies with Boots of Travel level 1
  • Fixed Infernal Blade being able to be targeted on Spell Immune enemies even though it has no effect
  • Fixed visual bugs with Chilling Touch in FoW
  • Fixed placing wards inside buildings
  • Fixed various copy and paste glitches in chat rooms
  • Fixed stolen Ignite not getting Multicast bonuses
  • Fixed Octarine Core with Tranquil Boots
  • Fixed bug where the Aghanim's Scepter tooltip doesn't show the stats is provides if you don't own it already
  • Fixed Neutral Ice Armor not giving Magic Stick charges
  • Fixed Static Link vision debuff being puregable
  • Fixed Octarine Core behavior with Ion Shell
  • Fixed Rupture dealing continuous 0 damage instances
  • Fixed Unstable Concoction subskill granting magic stick charges
  • Fixed Song of the Siren subskill proccing magic stick
  • Fixed interaction between Lifesteal and negative attack damage
  • Fixed Cloak and Dragonhide auras being dispellable
  • Fixed Caustic Finale behavior with Meepo Clones
  • Fixed Life Break Immunity not lasting long enough
  • Fixed Riki's Cloak and Dagger being only partially disabled by Break
  • Fixed Boots of Travel's affect being a debuff and being purgable
  • Fixed Aghanim Scepter Borrowed Time effect lingering


  • Added Tinker to the Item Workshop
  • Added Bane to the Item Workshop
  • Added Night Stalker to the Item Workshop
  • Updated the reference files for the following Item Workshop heroes: Abaddon, Crystal Maiden, Clockwerk, Death Prophet, Dragon Knight, Elder Titan, Juggernaut, Leshrac, Lich, Lone Druid, Ogre Magi and Terrorblade - New and Updated Workshop Reference Files can be downloaded at https://www.dota2.com/workshop/requirements
  • Fixed particle placement for Voidhammer
  • Fixed display of many autographs
  • Fixed Arcana texture display for some Legion Commander items - items will still not display the Arcana texture effect if artists have not provided a proper detail mask
  • Fixed disconnected particle flames on Rubick's Staff of the Cunning Augur
  • Fixed disconnected particles for the head of the Flowering Treant
  • Fixed a bug where several courier particle systems that occurred on death weren't playing correctly
  • Fixed Greater Treant scaling for Flowering Treant, Evergreen Stalker and Call of the Dendrochron
  • Fixed disconnected eye particles for Chaos Knight Baleful Reign and Rising Chaos items
  • Fixed idle animation looping on Venomancer Deathbringer wards
  • Fixed item transparency support for all heroes - addresses alpha problems on Phantom Assassin Dame de Carreau items, some Legion Commander items and others
  • Fixed skinning on some static Tidehunter weapons that were incorrectly skinned to chain cloth
  • Fixed TI2 Lockjaw courier coin particles so they display on the ground
  • Fixed some sentry wards playing death animations when previewing placement
  • Fixed the ability to unlock Smeevil courier styles that require mammoth, bird and crab unlock items
  • Fixed various mesh skinning issues, including Undying teeth and Windranger's Gilded Falcon cloak
  • Fixed cloth on Crystal Maiden's Arcana and her other capes
  • Fixed portraits for Lycan, Nightstalker Nihility, Visage Tolling Shadows and Juggernaut's Kuurishiminari ward
  • Fixed orientation of Luna's Rider's Eclipse Glaive
  • Fixed animation layers on custom Dragon Knight dragon attacks
  • Fixed missing decal on default Dazzle sleeve
  • Fixed turn poses, haste animations and hitboxes on more couriers
  • Fixed Axe Bloodchaser weapon chain stretching too far on Counter Helix ability
  • Fixed rein cloth on Abaddon default and custom items
  • Fixed injured animation modifiers for Lone Druid's Spirit of Calm panda spirit bear
  • Fixed hand skinning and posing for Omniknight's loadout animation
  • Fixed missing Death Prophet skirt shreds or shred animation for skirt items
  • Fixed loadout framing for many older wards
  • Added missing death and Savage Roar animations to several Lone Druid True Forms
  • Added LOD0 backfaces to several default hero items to improve display in loadout
  • Enabled facial flex on several Outworld Devourer, Clockwerk and Windrunner head items
  • Updated Team Empire item branding and added this to Razor's Empire of the Lightning Lord set
  • Updated icons for many items to be centered for the Reborn square icon format, be more consistent and include particles
  • Updated/Adjusted hitboxes for Juggernaut Healing Wards
  • Fixed appearance of Bleak Hallucination etheral gems, as well as other ethereal gems that render translucent models
  • Fixed Shard of Exile's Astral Imprison effect to correctly display when the prison will be finished
  • Item Workshop Tool: Hero ability model submissions are now accessible under the "Hero Item..." category in the tool - they are listed together with the wearable items for each hero
  • Item Workshop Tool: SMD file support has been discontinued for workshop models and animations - existing SMD submissions can be processed, but new submissions must use either FBX or DMX file formats
  • Item Workshop Tool: Adjusted the material that will be applied to new workshop couriers - Spec Exponent has been changed from 16 to 30, Spec Intensity has been changed from 1 to 3 - already-submitted couriers can use this by updating the existing submission
  • Item Workshop Tool: Added workshop tool support for Chaos Knight helmet and mount attachment editing
  • Item Workshop Tool: New and updated workshop hero reference files are now FBX binary for compatability with Blender
  • Item Workshop Tool: Team Banners added to Team Logo submission type
  • Workshop Tools: Added particle system names to particle system debug rendering
  • Workshop Tools: Improved performance on debug overlay rendering
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a crash when trying to preview or open the phantomlancer_spirtlance particle system
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed an issue with the workshop importer where the flying version of couriers could not be previewed
  • Workshop Tools: Enabled animation scrubbing in the workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Added an option to hide the grid in the workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Added an option to hide default particles in workshop importer preview
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a bug with sheet files not refreshing in tools
  • Workshop Tools: Fixed a bug where PET would sometimes not display the correct animation when using activity overrides with the Render Models operator
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