Star Ocean 5 should mostly run up to 60FPS at 1080P on PlayStation 4

The PS4 version of Star Ocean 5 is going to be pretty drastically different compared to the original PS3 version, the list of differences is inside.

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Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness is being developed primarily for the PlayStation 3, but that doesn't mean that the PlayStation 4 version, which is the only version that'll be available outside the US, has to suffer because of that. Some of the differences between the two versions have been outlined by Square Enix and tri-Ace.

Star Ocean 5 should mostly run up to 60FPS at 1080P on PlayStation 4 |

On the latest Star Ocean Program broadcast, they talked about the fact that the framerate would be targeting 60FPS in most cases at 1080P on the PS4, though some of the more challenging scenes might push it more towards 30FPS. The resolution won't scale, though and will remain the same regardless. The PS3 is limited to 720P, 30FPS and far less visual fidelity compared to the big brother port.

Although it's a port, tri-Ace is working hard on ensuring that the graphics are actually taking advantage of the 1152 GCN cores available. It won't be a direct port, with higher resolution textures, more fluid animations, and a higher LOD. The full list of differences is below. At least initially it sounds like they're taking care to not make the mistakes of many ports that have preceded this one.

  • Game Contents - The same across both platforms.
  • Cross-Save - Not supported.
  • Feature Differences - Share features and PS Vita Remote Play supported on PlayStation 4. Not supported on PlayStation 3.
  • Frame Rate - 60fps (some parts vary) on PlayStation 4. 30 fps (some parts vary) on PlayStation 3.
  • Resolution - 1080p on PlayStation 4. 720p on PlayStation 3.
  • Graphics - PS4: finer physics processing, characters, backgrounds, effects, and such, and objects and monsters at a distance are displayed on-screen. PS3: some expressions are reduced and simplified, and objects and monsters at a distance are not displayed on-screen.

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