Leap Motion's Orion is hand tracking for the future of VR and AR

Leap Motion just announced the release of a new hand tracking device with far better accuracy.

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Leap Motion just announced their new motion tracking product specifically made for VR and hand tracking, the Orion.

Leap Motion's Orion is hand tracking for the future of VR and AR | TweakTown.com

This new development is a leap forward in tracking your appendages while moving about in a 3D virtual world. Not only does it track, but the sensors are sensitive enough to allow for full, natural interaction with your hands and fingers. With this, you don't need a separate controller. You are the controller.

The problem with VR has always been immersion. How do we fully feel like we're actually in another world. Especially when we're holding a controller, yet climbing a mountain, avoiding dinosaurs as best we can? The feeling isn't complete when you're not using your hands to do the actual climbing, especially when you can certainly seem them there. It can prevent you from fully suspending your belief, an important aspect in enjoying a VR experience.

Orion can help with its more precise tracking and ability to distinguish your hand from the background far more easily, even when you come close to touching another surface. The new device, and SDK, also sport less latency, lower CPU usage and far better tracking across the entire field of view, even on the outskirts. It's a revolution that can only help propel VR into familiar and more commonplace tech.

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