Rainbow Six: Siege's update 'Operation Black Ice' is out now

Ubisoft releases the first big content update for Rainbow Six: Siege.

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Rainbow Six: Siege has received its first major update, with Operation Black Ice now available for the PC. The update provides gamers with the new Yacht map, two new JTF2 operators, new weapon skins, a spectator camera, and a bunch of fixes.

The new patch includes operator shouts being muted for the enemy team, which allows for stealthy approaches. Ranked and custom games see defenders being able to vote for the objection location they want to defend. Rainbow Six: Siege's latest update also reduces bull train intensity, increased the flashbang's range of effect, reduces noise levels of multiple Defender gadgets, adds map and mode name display during loading and planning phase screens, alters matchmaking timer display, and introduces individual spawn location selection for each Attacker.

Here's a full list of what the update includes:


  • Right stick dead zone is resetting to default after exiting the game - FIXED
  • Thermite can't place an Exothermic Charge on damaged and reinforced walls - FIXED
  • Attackers win if a teammate kills Fuze as soon as he detonates his cluster charge on the hostage - FIXED
  • Guard break does not work if a shield-wielding Operator moves while receiving a melee hit - FIXED
  • When in rappel mode, the Operator does not have collision under specific structures and clips through textures when moving upwards - FIXED
  • End of round camera clips through the Operator - FIXED
  • PVE: on rare occasions one of the AI doesn't spawn at the start of a match - FIXED
  • PVE: AI Engineers end up in a loop between evade and idle reaction for every damage tic received from poison gas - FIXED


  • Defenders are able to pass through red blocker walls during the preparation phase - FIXED
  • Players in support mode sometimes don't get a correct replication of the watched player's point of view. For example, the player could have destroyed a wall and seen through it while the player watching in support mode would see an intact wall. - FIXED
  • On the Hereford Base map, players are able to get out of the building through the red blocker wall when vaulting over the sandbags during the preparation phase. - FIXED
  • On the Oregon map, players can see through the ceiling when vaulting over the bunk bed. - FIXED
  • On the Kafe Dostoevsky, character can remain stuck when vaulting on a recycle bin in EXT Park Alley - FIXED
  • On Consulate map, character can remain stuck between chairs at the Visa Office location - FIXED
  • On the Kanal map, players can see out of world through the ceiling if he placed his drone over the air vents in the Hallway. - FIXED
  • There are minor lighting issues on our maps. - FIXED


  • The game sometimes boots on CENTRAL-US data center instead of WEST-EUROPE - FIXED
  • Some players don't receive renown after a match. - FIXED
  • 0-0x00000602 error is sometimes being received when returning from a matchmaking game to looking for players step - FIXED
  • 2-0x00000067 error is sometimes being received when trying to join a squad having previously went through a direct disconnection - FIXED
  • 2-0x00000068 error is sometimes being received when accepting a party invite. - FIXED
  • Some players from a squad are left in the main menu when searching for a match if specific steps were not followed - FIXED
  • There is no timer present during the lobby screen - FIXED
  • Player gets stuck indefinitely loading a lobby when joining in progress if a player of the same game got killed and then quit the lobby first. - FIXED
  • Some users are getting the "Connection Failure" error every time challenges reset while in-game - FIXED
  • PVE: On some occasions, players are not awarded XP points and Renown after finishing Terrorist Hunt sessions. - FIXED
  • Ranked: Players leaving for any reason except a network disconnection receive no warning and are automatically banned for 2 minutes - FIXED
  • PC, Ranked: Players leaving match using F10 don't receive reconnect message - FIXED
  • PC, Ranked: Players leaving match using ALT+F4 don't receive reconnect message - FIXED


  • A placeholder appears on the prompt with the abandoned match message after quitting a Ranked game - FIXED
  • On the House map, missing location indicator in Laundry Room - FIXED


  • PC: If the player switches Aiming settings From Hold to Toggle, the player can't ADS in Tachanka's Turret - FIXED
  • PC: Some keys are hard binded in the game involving movement and chat box - FIXED
  • PC: Push-to-talk functionality is missing in the Options menu - FIXED
  • Uplay: Alpha Team Uplay action is not unlocked after completing 50 ranked matches - FIXED
Rainbow Six: Siege's update 'Operation Black Ice' is out now 10
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