More minimalist PC design - K-Limes' CM690III

K-limes modding shows us how to make a beautiful minimalist PC design with their Cooler Master CM690III project.

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Minimalist PC design is becoming extremely popular in modding circles and here's an awesome example - K-limes' CoolerMaster CM690III Modded Edition.

Featuring an EK-dominated watercooling lineup, this system is powered by an Intel i7 4770k, a MSI GTX 760 Twin Frozr and tied together by MSI's Z87-GD65 GAMING motherboard.

What helps make this build look so minimal? Alongside almost no cables showing what-so-ever, the watercooling loop is kept as short as possible and all the 'backbone' components are hidden - like the power supply. This means that only the fancy components are put on display, allowing for the design to look sleek and stylish. Planet MODs has further described minimalist design as "choosing high-quality and beautiful material, then let it stand on its own".

The full components list is as follows:

Modder: K-limes Modding

CPU: INTEL Core i7 4770k



Case: Cooler Master CM690III

PSU: Cooler Master V Series 850W

RAM: GSkill Extreme 3 Series Ripjaws Z - 4 x 2Go

SSD: SAMSUNG 840 Pro - 128Go

With the watercooling additions of:

Waterblock Processor : EK Supremacy Nickel + Acetal

Waterblock Graphic Card : EK VGA Supremacy Nickel + Acetal

Pump : DDC 3.25 - 18W / 12V

Top : EK DDC X-TOP Acetal

Reservoir : EK RES X3 250ml

Radiator N° 1 : EK CoolStream RAD XT 120

Radiator N° 2 : EK CoolStream RAD XT 240

Fitting N° 1 : Primochill Compression Rigid Ghost Blanc

Fitting N° 2 : EK 10/16 compression fitting

Tubing : Masterkleer 10/16 White

Acrylic tubing : Primochill Green UV 10/13

Liquid Cooling : EK GreenUV

Fans : Cooler Master Jet Flo 120mm x 6

Rhéobus : NZXT Sentry Mesh

More minimalist PC design - K-Limes' CM690III 041
More minimalist PC design - K-Limes' CM690III 042
More minimalist PC design - K-Limes' CM690III 043
More minimalist PC design - K-Limes' CM690III 044

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