AMD releases Catalyst 14.2 BETA 1.3 Driver

The BETA driver provides few fixes and performance updates for certain setups and games.

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AMD releases catalyst 14.2 BETA 1.3 for 32 and 64 bit version of Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. The BETA drivers provide performance improvements and updates. The updates are available for AMD Radeon with discrete and APU- desktop and notebooks.

AMD releases Catalyst 14.2 BETA 1.3 Driver |

The updates contain series of fixes and updates such as crossfire profile updates and performance improvements for GPU configuration with Thief and even fixing frame pacing for dual video card support and non-XDMA configuration for screen resolutions above 2560 x 1600 for Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4.

There are only couple of known issues found in this BETA driver, such as the inability to render the right eye with Crossfire and Stereo 3D enabled on Thief.

The complete list of fixes, improves and known issues are as follows.

Feature Highlights of The AMD Catalystâ„¢ 14.2 Beta V1.3 Driver for Windows

  • Thief: Crossfire Profile update and performance improvements for single GPU configurations
  • Mantle: Multi-GPU configurations (up to 4 GPUs) running Battlefield 4 are now supported
  • Frame Pacing for Dual Graphics and non-XDMA configurations above 2560x1600 are now supported with Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4
  • Dual graphics DirectX 9 application issues have been resolved
  • Minecraft: Missing textures have been resolved
  • 3D applications no longer see intermittent hangs or application crashes
  • Resolves corruption issues seen in X-plane

Known Issues

  • Notebooks based on AMD Enduro or PowerXpressâ„¢ technologies are currently not supported by the Mantle codepath
  • Thief does not render the right eye when CrossFire and Stereo 3D is enabled

The list of compatible GPUs can be found here, and the BETA drivers can be installed from here.


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