Blizzard: Windows 8 'not awesome for Blizzard either'

Blizzard VP of Game Design says Windows 8 is 'not awesome for Blizzard either'

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Hot on the heels of Valve's founder, Gabe Newell, and his comments on Windows 8 being a "catastrophe", we have Blizzard's Executive Vice President of Game Design, Rob Pardo, sharing a similar feeling on the upcoming OS from Microsoft.

Blizzard: Windows 8 'not awesome for Blizzard either' |

Pardo took to Twitter to call Windows 8 "not awesome for Blizzard either", but this is another PC-centric game developer who doesn't seem to like Windows 8. Both Newell and Pardo haven't gone into detail of what exactly they don't like about the OS, but maybe its the new direction Microsoft are taking? Could it be that the company is trying to compete with Apple, and not really push the OS design, or introduce any new ground-breaking features?

PC gaming has been on the decline, as for technological improvements and jumps, for years. Consoles have pushed this nail into the coffin slowly, and yes, PC gaming isn't dying, but there's not much of a need for 3- or 4-way GPU setups, and the like. Not that these companies respective games really push technological boundaries, but Windows 8 is a future OS, for the next three or so years. Valve could be looking to release a next-gen game or five, hoping for a leap in features from the OS, the same goes for Blizzard.


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