NVIDIA's GK104 is reportedly in the hands of AIBs

NVIDIA's mid-range 'GK104' part is reportedly in the hands of add-in board partners.

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I'm a sucker for GPU-related anything, really. I've reported a few times on rumors or news of NVIDIA's upcoming 28nm spin dubbed "Kepler", with the GK104 part being the mid-range power-house that should have the socks of most people being knocked off, if they can get it right. NVIDIA have been rumored to launch some cards in the March/April time frame and it seems this could be correct.

NVIDIA's GK104 is reportedly in the hands of AIBs | TweakTown.com

First off, as always, here's some salt. Let's get into it: SemiAccurate are reporting that GK104 Kepler GPUs are in the wild, and are being testing by AIB's (add-in board partners). Reports have come in to SA, where they're hearing that people 'high up in the priority list' are receiving Kepler cards in disguise last week.

No numbers. No details. Nothing. But, this news is simple, it means that if AIB's are receiving actual hardware, it means NVIDIA are close to release. Usually, it's a 4-6 week window from AIB sampling cards to them hitting shelves. This should mean we'll see GK104 Kepler GPUs on the shelves in late-March, or April.

NEWS SOURCE:semiaccurate.com

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