AT&T iPhone 4 may get tethering on Feb 13

Tethering at long last?

| Feb 3, 2011 at 11:17 am CST
One of the things that Apple rolled into the iPhone on AT&T a long time ago was the ability to tether the device to give your other electronics and gadgets access to 3G connectivity. AT&T in its infinite wisdom decided to block that feature because its network of epic suck couldn't stand up to more data use. With the Verizon iPhone only a few weeks from landing in geeky hands all around the country with the tethering feature intact AT&T has more pressure to allow it on its network.


AT&T has already told us officially that on February 13 some of the smartphones on its network will in fact get tethering. However, the geniuses at AT&T won't tell us what phones will get that feature. AppleInsider reports that one geek read the review from David Pogue of the NYT of the Verizon iPhone and in the original story posted, Pogue said the iPhone was getting tethering on Feb 13.

If you go look at that review now the tethering comment has been removed. It would be safe to bet that Pogue knows tethering is coming and let the cat out of the bag early and was forced to remove the comment. If the iPhone on AT&T doesn't get tethering it will be one more reason to move to Verizon for us all.

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