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Virtual 'interactive' scenary via a pair of 1080p plasmas

Winscape gives the best illusion yet...

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The concept of virtual house windows has been talked about and demonstrated in various forms for years now, but always left much to be desired and getting the right kind of effect to give a realistic and convincing impression was the most challenging and difficult hurdle.

However, what you're about to see in the video demonstration below is by far the most impressive setup known yet and goes the extra mile in making the illusion much more convincing than anything we've seen before with the use of an IR necklace (complete with baby for this particular demo) interacting with a Wiimote and the brains of the setup being a Mac Pro in this case.

As you can see in the video above, as widdle bubs physically moves around the room, the images from the pair of 1080p plasma screens shift in the opposite direction to give that true feeling of looking out of a real pane of glass to the detailed scenery beyond.

Wanna know what else is super cool? The chance to have it set up in your own home is much better than you think. This 'Winscape' virtual window setup is going to be sold as a package with basic kits said to be available by July for under 3k U.S.! - The time lapse video below gives a better look at the build process.

Super, super cool!
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