Phone 3G S CPU Specs Leaked

600MHz CPU Speed.

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Someone let the cat out of the bag with regards to the CPU specs for the new iPhone 3G S, according to the gang over at Engadget the new CPU will be 600MHz and sport 256MB of RAM.

This information was grabbed off of a T-Mobile Netherland's Website.

Although this new CPU is much faster that the current one in the iPhone 3G it is more likely that the PowerVR SGX graphics chip has a hand in the increased speed too.

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iPhone 3G S CPU Specs Leaked

Apple's being pretty cagey with the hard specs of the iPhone 3G S, but apparently T-Mobile Netherlands didn't get the message -- it's just posted up a specs page listing 256MB of RAM and a 600MHz CPU. That's up from 128MB and 412MHz in the first-gen and the 3G, and it's basically exactly what was rumored.

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