MSI and Asus might Skip ION

ION costs more to implement.

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Over the last couple of days there has been quite a bit of press about the ION from nVidia. It seemed like everyone had jumped on the bandwagon and ION was going to be in Nettops galore.

Well the gang over at Fudzilla might have some information to the contrary. From what they are hearing MSI and Asus, two of the main players in the "net" market are skipping over ION at least for now.

The reason, no one is completely sure but it is most likely due to the economy. Buying Atom with an Intel chipset is cheaper than buying Atom and Ion. When you are selling the net appliances like Aus and MSI are you really do not want to add more to your manufacturing costs.

As for better graphics, ell both Asus and MSI have shown they can build nettops with Intel CPU and chipset and add-in nVidia and ATi graphics.

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MSI and Asus might Skip ION

According to our info, two big players in the netbook and nettop industry, Asus and MSI chose to skip Nvidia's ION party. We guess that Intel is just a better friend than Nvidia in these tough times and as we were able to see at Cebit, they already can do nettops that are based on Intel's CPU, but paired up with either ATI or Nvidia GPU.

Both of these companies are not talking about Nvidia's ION, and according to our current info are not even considering it. Including the ION would mean that they took side with Nvidia in this one and Intel might not like it. It also means that they will probably hurt their own sales of Intel's Atom platform nettops and this is something that Asus and MSI will not do.

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