New Microsoft Ad Angers Mac Fans

Says PCs do more for less money.

Published Mon, Mar 30 2009 12:12 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
Well, well, well. It would seem that a new round of Microsoft ads have the gang over at Apple a little miffed. The new ads show a woman looking for a computer at an Apple store but, she is unable to find anything inside her budget. She then heads over to a local retailer to find many for around a $1000.

This ad, depicting Apples as over-priced for the hardware, has caused frenzy with the on-line and print press. For some reason many are actually defending Apple's prices.

Some great defense lines are:
Microsoft should not make ads like this as they do not make computers.
The ad is misleading because there are only actors in the ad. (Umm...that one still makes me laugh)
The final one compared an Apple Store to a BMW Dealership. This one confused me a little; I think they were trying to say that Macs are like BMWs. The problem with that logic is that they are not more powerful than a lower priced PC.

But in the words of one Apple Reseller "lots of PC users have fallen for the 'big spec sheet, low price' trap"

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New Microsoft Ad Angers Mac Fans

Another reseller claimed that it was like taking someone to a BMW dealer and asking them to find a car for under $20,000. Er not really, the build quality of Apple has gone down the toilet recently and anyway you can get a really good quality PC for $1000, and you cannot get a good Mac for that amount of cash.

Our favourite attempt to defend Apple's outrageous pricing came from Cnet which pointed out that the adverts were bogus because Microsoft didn't use a 'real person' and that the young woman was 'just an actress'. Sheesh and we thought the 'I am a PC' and 'I am a Mac' blokes were real hardware.

Strange that none of the Apple koolaid drinking press thought that it would be a good idea to compare prices and specs. If Apple is more expensive for the same spec then why aren't they helping their readers make sensible buying decisions rather than helping a proprietary company screw more cash from punters who do not know any better.

We think it funny that when Apple scores a hit, like it did with the I am a Mac adverts, the fanboys and their tame press dance joy jigs in print. However when Microsoft scores, they pull out all stops to shout down a valid message.

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