AMD claims Intel wants them Dead

Well their head lawyer does.

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AMd would have you believe that Intel wants to destroy them. Well ok not AMD directly but chief counsel for AMD, Harry Wolin, said that to CNet in a phone interview.

Wolin said that it is Intel's goal to wipe them out, he counters Intel's claim that they need AMD for competition saying "I think they would absolutely like us dead"

Those are strong words from AMD at this time and have been viewed as attention seeking by some analysts.

Intel spokesman, Chuck Mulloy replied "It's nice of them to try to speak for us. AMD has been a competitor for almost 40 years in one form or another. This is not about AMD going away,"

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AMD claims Intel wants them Dead

In a phone interview Tuesday, AMD general counsel Harry Wolin refuted Intel's claim that the AMD manufacturing spin-off Globalfoundries is not a subsidiary--and thus cannot legally use Intel intellectual property--and talked more broadly about Intel's tactics.

Intel's ultimate goal, Wolin believes, is to crush rivals into oblivion. "In their perfect world, we wouldn't exist. If they had to deal with the government every now and then, that's fine, and they're still extracting monopoly profits from the industry," he said.

Wolin doesn't buy into the oft-repeated theory that Intel needs AMD to keep the industry honest and to keep the U.S. government at bay. "I don't agree with the premise that they have to have us and they think they have to have us. I think they would absolutely like us dead," Wolin said.

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