BFG Tech - "2008 was our most profitable to date"

to the contrary of our thoughts.

Published Wed, Jan 28 2009 8:56 PM CST   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:37 PM CST
Yesterday we published an article titled "BFG, A sinking ship?" and today spent a great deal of time following up with industry sources to uncover a tail spun out of deception and unethical business practices. For many months now a steady yet quiet flow of information has passed through the insider world of the industry, all leaving a negative impression of BFG and where the company is headed. At this point it is too early to draw a definitive line back to the sources of misinformation because it looks more like a draw by numbers picture than a clear snap shot.

BFG Tech -

Today we touched base with John Malley, Sr. Director of Marketing at BFG Technology Inc. John was very open to discussing both public and private information about the company and many of the sources he believes started this flow of negative information.

"We have caught a few of our competitors trying to compete on unethical grounds in the past and even confronted one individual." More disturbing is that the current bad press appears to come from BFG's own back yard. "Two former BFG employees left on terms left than ideal and have taken it upon themselves to contribute additional misinformation."

This explains the many months of behind the scenes chit chat that has been passing around the industry. To be fair BFG is not the only company that has been the target of the rumor mill in recent months and with the economy is a state of disarray they will not be the last.

When asked about the Best Buy Galaxy press release that was published yesterday John informed us that Galaxy will only carry a couple of low priced SKUs in the retail giant. He went on to say that since BFG focuses on the high end the Galaxy / Best Buy deal should not affect BFG and that Best Buy has been very satisfied with the company. This was later verified at and we only see GeForce 8400 GS and 7200 GS cards listed as of today. This is a far cry from the Galaxy invasion we heard about yesterday from sources close to Best Buy.

John went into further details about BFG's 2008 profits, "2008 brought the highest profits to date for BFG and we are not going away anytime soon."

We are certainly glad to hear it and wish BFG the best of luck in 2009.
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