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Cairn Assembly (Level 15)

1. When you first enter this level you are immediately greeted by the welcome wagon.  Best thing to do is run for the left part of the room and mind trick the officer behind the window.  This will disable the turrets and also open the door for you.  Dispatch the rest of the enemies and proceed through the door, then hang a left and go through the door there.

2. Hang another left once you're inside the next room, neutralize the officers and remove any keys, then go up the ramp and through the door.  Once inside the door take the elevator on the right.  This should take you down below.  

3. In this next area is a droid building a ATST transport pod.  Use this structure to navigate your way to the top.  Get on the tallest box in the room, jump to the second level of the unfinished ATST pod, then hop up on the lamp fixture, then on the third level.  Now hop from the third level to the ledge against the wall (you should see a grate as well).  Bust through the grate and destroy the cylindrical structures on both sides of the wall.  Once all 4 cylinders are destroyed, walk out on the ledge and watch what you created.

4. After the small light show, make your way down to the bottom level, once again using the unfinished ATST.  Go through the large yellowish sliding door at the bottom.  Follow this into the next area.  Take out all the forces in here and go through the door on the right, then through the door immediately following it.

5. Soon you'll come to a split in the road, go left and down the ramp.  Open the door and out to ATST transport surround by electrical current on the floor.  Go around the transport using the various obstacles to cross the electrified area.  When you come to the other side of the transport you should see an opening in it.  Jump in and take the elevator up.  Exit out the top window and jump over to the walkway.  Go into the little access room there and use both consoles.  This should disable the electricity and allow you to take the elevator down.

6. There's another yellow sliding door down here that you need to go to.  In the next area there is another warehouse full of fresh stormtroopers to kill, have fun and then head to the door on the right.  In the next room is a little trip mine puzzle.  Personally, I just force speed through it and take a little shield and health damage.  Follow the path down to where you encounter another ATST transport and 3 reborn warriors.  Once you've fed them their medicine, go through the yellow sliding door on the left.

7. This next area brings a new enemy.  These little druids are a lot easier than they look, bust out your saber and drag it across their legs a few times while strafing out of the way.  That'll teach them.  After your done, to the left there is a grate below the walkway with some goodies in it (most importantly SHIELDS!).  Enter the door above it when you're done.  Go up the elevator to get to the next area.

8. Once you're up destroy the sentries and enemies in the next room before they destroy you.  Open the door  down the hallway at the other side there and take care of all the officers in there.  Push the button near the windows and notice that the conveyer belt under the ATST transports begins to move.  Head back out the way you came.

9. When you get back to where you fought those druids with the weak legs, select you Golan Arms Flechette and get ready to fight an ATST.  A couple of alternate fire rounds from this gun will take him out fairly quickly.  Go through the yellow sliding doors until you see the ATST transport straight ahead, walk up to it and the ATST should come through the huge door on the left.  Destroy it and go through the door it just came through.

10. Last section, nothing much to do here.  Just walk down to the end of the room, jump under the stairs to the secret area below and then jump down the hole in the middle there.  Congratulations.

Cairn Reactor (Level 16)

1. At the beginning of this level you are confronted with huge beams blocking all your paths to anywhere.  The secret to getting by the beams is using force speed to run down the hallways for the brief moments that the beams are off.

2. First force speed past the first 2 beams at the beginning.  Next hall, force speed to the right to make it to the hall on the left.  Go down the hall, then force speed to the left to make it to the hall on the right.  In this hall are a couple of power crystal thingys, destroy them.  The one in the middle makes a person sized hole in the wall.  Go through the hole and force speed to the right.  Take the first tunnel on the right, wait, then force speed back into the tunnel and continue to the last tunnel on the right.  Next, go down the tunnel there and force speed to the right again and you should see the central station.  Use the console on the station to disable the beams.

3. Once you've disabled the beams, go back out the tunnel the way you came and make a left at the end of the tunnel, then make another left at the end of the next tunnel.  Head down this tunnel until you see some steam coming from the ceiling.  Look up and you'll see an opening.  Use this opening to get up to the next area.

4. Once you're up, it's time for a little jumping puzzle.  On the other side of this cylindrical room is a door, but it's all the way at the top.  You need to jump the little ledges positioned around here to get to the top, be careful though, the ledges are rigged with beams of there own that are still active for whatever reason.

5. At the top open the door and get rid of those 2 baddies at the top.  Go through the next door, which leads to a huge spinning core.  Go right and drop down to the second ledge there, use the pipes to land.  Notice on the second ledge there is a little gap between the wall and the core support that will allow you to pass to the next section.  Use it.  In this next section, go to the middle, there is a support ledge here that you can use to get to the second level on the other side.  Walk across the ledge and jump to the other side where there is another gap for you to enter.

6. Next, jump on the pipes near the core to get down on the other side of them.  Once you get on those pipes, jump to the next set of pipes.  Take out the baddies below.  On this next set of pipes, look to the right, you should see a doorway above.  Walk over and jump up to the doorway (use the pipes on the other side to get up there).  On the other side, drop down to the pipes below and walk to the other side.  Hey look, another doorway.  Up you go.  Next section here you simply make your way over to the little stormtrooper stations, there should be two holes on either side of this huge area to get up into them.  Take out the troopers and head through the door there.

7. Next room is the "Fins of Death" room.  All you need to do is jump over them and clear the red glowing part.  You may want to stop every 2 or 3 jumps to let your force power recharge.

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