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1.      At the start of the level you have just exited your shuttle and are infiltrating a guard post in Kejim.  First things first, destroy all the guards around the outside of this post.  When your done, Jan will inform you that the door to the base cannot be taken out with regular blasters.  That's your first clue as to how to get through the door.

2.      After Jan explains that the blasters wont do much good you should be visited by 3 more curious guards that come from around the side.  Once you dispatch them, head on over to where they came from.  There should be a door around there that you can use to enter the inner portion of the guard post.  Grab some armor from the armor station on the right as you walk in, then defeat the officer to the left.  He should drop a key for you to use later.  

3.      Next take the elevator directly behind the officer to the upper level.  Make a right at the top and enter the tower.  Take the lift up and you should see a control panel for enabling the perimeter defenses.  Use the control panel to power up the gun emplacement near the huge door we're trying to open.

4.      When you turn the perimeter defenses on, dispatch the stormtroopers that respond to the brief alarm that goes off from enabling the defenses.  Take out the ones on the top and lower level to protect Jan from harm.  Now take the elevator you used to come up, back down.

5.      Unfortunately the elevator does not go incrementally down to the next level, it first takes you all the way down.  In this room are two turrets, and a goodie box with a bacta tank in it if you require health.  If not then I would recommend skipping this section, just push the elevator button to go back up.  Head for Jan's position.

6.      Once you reach Jan, jump on the gun emplacement and take out the door to the base.  Hop on the huge elevator with Jan.

7.      Once at the bottom, walk off the elevator and get wait for it to go back up again.  Once it does, jump down below it and head through the secret door there.  Head to the right down the hall.

8.      Around the corner there should be a console to disable the power generator at the other end of the hall.  Use it to do so.  Then go down the hall and around the back of the generator.  Use the elevator there to go up to the next level.

9.      To the right is a grate in the floor, you should hear an officer down below when you approach it.  Bust the grate with your blaster and jump down.  Destroy the Imperial officer and then help Jan defeat the troopers in the hall.  Jan will come in the room and access the control panel there to disable the alarm.

10.     Head out of the room, turn left down the hall then go through the door on the right.  If you haven't already, destroy the troopers in there.  Proceed to the door on the other side of this room.  Through this door are a bunch more troopers, dispatch them and grab the light amp goggles on the crate here.  Use the elevator to go down to the next level.

11.     Down this elevator you'll need to activate your light amp goggles to see where you're going.  Traverse the section and find a little crawl space, almost directly opposite way you came in, and to the right through the wall.  Through the crawl space is a room full of troopers and access panels that you need to exit the base once it's been sabotaged by you and Jan.  Enter and destroy.

12.     Once you've eliminated the enemies here, walk over to the control panel and push the button.  This unlocks the green sector (this will make sense soon, trust me).  You can see the green sector light up on the map above the button.  Next go to the console to the left and look for the blue imperial symbol, this will be recorded to your datapad for retrieval later.

13.     From the code panel, turn left and go to the hallway there.  Push the button to shut of the force field.  Head up the stairs, make a left at the top down the hall and destroy all stormtroopers in the way.  At the end of the hall will be the entrance to the center code panel.  You will use this panel later to enter the Imperial code you found earlier.  Above each walkway is a colored Imperial symbol, since in the last room you unlocked the green sector you should head down the green walkway.

14.     Destroy the sentries in the green entrance and go inside.  Kill the officer and stormtroopers in the hallway there and  enter the first door on the left down the small set of stairs.  Battle it out with the guards in this room and find the blue consoles down at the other end.  Use the console to figure out that you are unable to figure it out, at that point you call on Jan to join you so that she can figure it out.

15.     Shortly after you call on Jan, she calls for you to help her escape some stormtrooper resistance back at the front of the base.  Go back to where she is and help her dispatch the enemies before she dies.  If she dies the mission ends.  Once you're done, follow her all the way back to the console and she'll do her magic on it.  This opens the door to the next area you need to get to.

16.     If you're looking at the access panel that Jan is at, turn to your right and head up the stairs.  Make a right down the hallway at the top, then another right after the door,  There is a door on the left as you enter this long hall, go in that one for the green Imperial code.  Now head all the way back to the room where you found the blue Imperial code (also the place where you unlocked the green sector).

17.     Once your back to this room, you need to unlock the red sector, you can do this by simply hitting the button that you used to unlock the green sector.  You know you've done it right when the red section on the overhead map is lit up.  Now make your way back to the central hub and enter the red section, be careful of the turrets.

18.     First thing you need to do is go up the stairs just to your left as you enter the red sector.  Look for the elevator up there and take it up.  This is where we can activate the code panel so that we can leave this area of the base.  At the top of the elevator, walk straight out and push use the control panel near the windows overlooking the code station.  This deactivates the force field around the station you see directly across.  No go to that station and use the console there.

19.     This triggers some enemies, on of which is an officer with a security key you'll need, get it.  Notice that the control station below is now active.  Now all we need is the red code and we're out of here.  Go back to the stairs at the beginning of the red sector.  At the bottom of the stairs hang a left and go through the door straight down the hall.

20.     Once you're through the door dispatch the enemies and turn right.  Go toward the console down there.  Activate the camera console and notice that you get a nice view of the satellite dish outside.  This is where we are headed next, that is, the room visible across the canyon through those tube walkways.  Deactivate the console.  Turn around and go down the hallway on the right there.

21.     Go all the way to the end of this hall and enter the door on the right side (the left one is locked anyway).  You should see the entrance to the tube walkway, walk all the way down as it crumbles beneath you.  When you step off it on the other side it should fall to the bottom of the ravine below.  Keep going until you all the way past the Imperial Probes and up the elevator there.

22.     Pretty soon you'll come back outside.  Now you can cross the other tube walkway by walking over the roof of it, then drop down the small hole on the other end.  Nuetralize the enemies in the next room and enter the door on the right.  Congratulations, you found the red Imperial code.  Kill the officer there and head through the door and make your way back to the code station.

23.     The codes have been stored in your datapad, so once you're back to the station, use the panels to match the design to the symbol in your datapad.  Once you get the symbol correct, push the button the other side of the panel to accept the symbol, at this point you should see the results occurring at the locked door there.  This will extend the walkway to the exit, and deactivate the force field, and finally, unlock the door on the other side of the force field.  Exit once your done.

Kejim Base (Level 2)

1.      This level starts off at the other side of the door you just left.  Now your deeper inside the Kejim base.  There's a whole lot of stormtroopers waiting for you at the beginning, dispose of them with your E11 rifle's alternate fire mode.  Grab the security officers security key to open the door here.  Careful, there is a turret on the other side of the door, be ready for it.

2.      Once the turret an accompanying  stormtroopers are gone, go through the door on the left.  Down the hall there will be a console with a button, push it.  This opens the blast shield over the window behind the console.  Shoot through the glass now.  Enter.

3.      Go to the console on the left to operate the crane in the tube freezing chamber there.  Move the crane to the right position, then move the vice forward.  Once this is done, shoot out one of the windows and enter the chamber.  Careful of the vents, wait for the steam to clear before crossing one.  Jump up on the vice of the crane and get up to the walkway above.

4.      Down the walkway a bit you can jump across to the ammo charging station on the left, if your ammo is fine the keep on the walkway and through the door.  In this room are some enemies, neutralize them and then make your way around the wall trim until you are in front of the windows to that guard post across the way.  From there, shoot the exploding box through the window.  This will extend the walkway to this room.

5.      Go inside the room and use the console in there to activate the walkway and door below.  Go out the room the way you came and then walk all the way back around the trim until you reach the elevator down to take you down below.

6.      Once you're on the lower level, walk all the way back around the center of the room until you see the walkway that leads to the center.  Go through there and drop down.  Take the tube to the next area.

7.      You enter a room with a square black case with 4 tubes in it.  Take a left and walk all the way around the case, up the stairs, then back around the other side of the case to the door above where you entered through the tube.  Dispose of the officer and stormtroopers in the next room, and take out the turret while you're at it.  There should be a brown officer with a security key there, kill him and take it.  This will get you through the door on the left down the hallway.  Go there now.

8.      Now through this door is a room with two buttons to activate the chamber you saw earlier with the four glass tubes in it.  If you activate it now, the glass will shatter and you can use the armor station inside to recharge if you need to.  Otherwise, ignore it and continue to the next door on the other side of the room.

9.      Now in this area you need to take out two sentries on both sides of the room.  Once you've done that you'll want to look for a destructible box on the other side of the room (to the right of the guard station there).  Shoot it and it will reveal a crawl space for you to take.  Once you exit you'll be in the guard station, use the buttons there to unlock the doors for easier access if you decide to come back later (for the armor station or whatever).  Exit the room.

10.     The hallway here has door on the left which leads to where we just came from, a door straight ahead which will open via script in just a few seconds, and a door to the right which is locked.  Make the obvious choice (straight).  Destroy the forces in here and go through the door on the right.

11.     When you enter this door you can't go back, and the blast shield will begin to raise on the window there, at which point you have a whole lot of stormtroopers and a gun emplacement looking to take you out.  Once your done successfully destroying the resistance in this room, push the button hidden behind the far gun emplacement on the left wall.  This will deactivate the force field in the hall there.  Take out the stormtroopers that inevitably follow.

12.     Now this part gets tricky, so I would save if you haven't already.  Go to the console on the far end of the room behind the glass.  There are two buttons in there.  The one on the right starts some sort of laser process on the tube containing the green crystals in the center of the machine there.  The button on the left moves the crystal out of the machine.  Push them in either order, and be prepared to move.  Once the crystals are out of the way, the lasers will shoot out across the room and begin destroying things, including the locked door to the left.

13.     You need to make your way around the room through the laser maze to the door closest to the console where you activated the beam.

14.     Congratulations, you made it!  Now continue down the stairs and go to the door at the end of this room a and pick up the security key off the dead officers in the adjacent room.  Come back to the room with the stairs, and open the glass panel with the security lock on it.  When you activate the console on the other side you will become the droid in the little station next to you.  As this droid you can deactivate the power so that you may continue to the otherwise dangerous areas on the map.

15.     Okay, first thing, head all the way across the room and through the door.  You must hit your use key on the lock next to the door to open it.  In the next room hang a right and enter the small tunnel.  Almost immediately upon entering the tunnel there should be a outlet to the left, go in there and use the mechanism there.  Go back out and continue down the tunnel.  You'll end up in a room, take the ramp to the left down and use the meachanism on the wall straight ahead.  Now exit the droid with your "restore view" key.

16.     Go back to where the dead officers are and hang a left, then another left around the corner.  Take the door there into the "tube hangy room"...*shrugs*.  Destroy the troopers in there and make your way to the door on the other side.

17.     Through the door is a dark room with the tunnel, if you do not have power for your light amp goggles then you can flip the light switch.  You will see a tunnel there for you to take.  There is an officer on the other side, kill him and enjoy the movie. Once the movie's finished, take his security key and activate the elevator there.  Go up it.  Enjoy the movie.

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