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Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gets detailed in 55 High-Resolution Images (Page 1)

Battlefield 4 Naval Strike gets detailed in 55 High-Resolution Images

While more than a week overdue, Battlefield 4's Naval Strike expansion was well worth the wait. Check out the new maps in these high-resolution images.

By Charles Gantt from Apr 3, 2014 @ 14:22 CDT

BF4 Naval Strike

Battlefield is one of those franchises that continues to stick true to its origins and always seems to please with every new game that is added to its legacy. Battlefield 4 is no exception, and I think we all know what a fanboy I am of the series.


When the Second Assault expansion was released, I took a few hours of my time to create a high-definition comparison of the Battlefield 3 maps and the Battlefield 4 refreshes.

That post was so popular that I am back again and have spent the last two hours taking 55 high-resolution screenshots of some of the best scenes across the four new maps.

Up first, we are going to take a look at the new Lost Islands Map.

Lost Islands


Lost Islands is one of those maps that you know is playing to popular culture, and it features a crashed airliner dead center of the map. There are several islands in this map, and all can be accessed and feature unique vantage points to defend your capture points or hunt down the enemy.


Taking a look from the other side of the map, we can see that the main island sort of forms a barrier that shields the other smaller islands from open ocean access. Here you can see several of the missiles being launched at the rival team's aircraft carrier.


Spinning the chopper around, you can see that the opposing team's aircraft carrier has already been breached and is continuing to take direct hits from the missiles.


Hovering into the center of the map, we get an up close look at the downed airliner. This airliner features a Levolution action that can be triggered by setting the leaking fuel under the right wing on fire, but more on this later.


From the other side, you can see that one of the plane's engines is on fire and that this center point is a capture point as noted by the missile currently being launched towards the carrier.


I squirreled here and decided to check out the new hovercraft that Naval Assault has brought into the game. It's barely much more than a jet-ski combined with an ATV, but it is fun to drive around. Check out that wicked logo and camo paint job!


Here is one vantage point that overlooks a lot of the islands. This would be a very good spot to set up camp and shoot some enemies with a sniper rifle. It could also be a good spot to rocket some of the watercraft that will no doubt be buzzing through these waterways.


Side trip over, we now find ourselves back at the crashed airliner. Here we can clearly see the flag point and the missile launcher. If one were inclined to toss an incendiary grenade or any grenade towards the underside of the wing seen here, something special might happen.


Okay, so maybe that last paragraph was a little overly dramatic, but the wing does explode in a very violent fashion, and the aircraft's fuselage breaks in two, providing some cover for players wanting to protect this flag.


Looking down into the plane's interior, you can see that there are plenty of places to camp, hide out, or evade enemy fire. Unfortunately, this will be the first place I toss a grenade when attempting to retake this flag.


Heading towards the opposing team's carrier, we see that the far side of the island chain is littered with shipwrecked shipping containers. These are some of my favourite places to hide in Battlefield 4, and I am quite pleased that they added some in here for cover.


I arrived at the carrier just as one of the missiles slammed into the side. The explosion rocked my small hovercraft and debris began to fall all around. Unfortunately, these missile impacts are more for show than anything else. I managed to hop on some exposed beams in the explosion zone just as another missile hit and no damage was taken at all.


Once inside the carrier, we can see that it is pretty basic and open with a lot of cover to hide behind. Directly to my rear is one of the two M-COM stations that you must blow up to win the game. The rest of the ship is pretty plain as well, so I won't cover it any further.

Overall, Lost Islands is a very well designed map, and the few times I have played on it proved to be very fun yet remain challenging. Flanking your enemies is fairly easy, and sniping is good due to the elevated vantage points spread out across the map.

Wave Breaker


Next up is Wave Breaker, a smaller map that features some awesome outcroppings that force players to access them via boat or helicopter. Capture points C and G should be captured and held early on if you want to ensure that the opposing team's carrier takes the damage needed to cause enough damage for your team to gain access.


Wave Breaker is one of those maps that is just a pleasure to look at. The design teams at DICE paid special attention to this map based on how beautiful everything looks. The lighting and shadows on this map really make it pop, but the real treasure is on the land.


From this angle, we can see the entirety of the island and the four radio towers that adorn it. While the top of this island affords snipers many vantage points to overlook the outcroppings, the real action will take place deep under its surface.


Here is a more artsy shot from the carrier's deck looking towards the island. The lighting on this map really gives the water a real feel to it.


A quick shot of me parachuting onto capture point C. Here you can see several buildings, a Tow launcher, and a missile launcher.


The one thing that really disappoints me is the fact that the carriers have not received any texture updates worth mentioning dating all the way back to Battlefield 2. DICE, if you are listening, please give us some detailed super carriers that are the sizes of small cities. A CQB battle inside a massive carrier would be awesome!


After my rant was over, I headed to the top of the island to check out the vantage points I may be able to use as a sniper's nest in the future. On the low-end, we have several nice spots that would afford a sniper cover while still being able to shoot his unsuspecting victims.


At the other end of the island and looking back, we can see the radio towers. Unfortunately, not much happens up here, so I doubt there will be any major battles taking place.


At the top most point of the big island, we have a very good vantage point over capture point G. Unfortunately, if you must snipe from up here, you are wide open to retaliatory attacks.


Looking back at the opposing team's carrier, the realistic water really shines here.


Here is one of the docks that serves as an entrance into the island's interior. There are several large explosive tanks around these docks that could prove to be the undoing of enemies taking cover near them.


Heading inside, we see several small rooms and a large open area. The interior of the island is littered with these little rooms, but the biggest room is still to be seen.


Another shot of the interior, this time looking down a hallway. Make note of the explosive barrels as they come in very handy when you need to flush out a camping enemy.


Finally! We have made our way into the island's hidden secret. Here you can see a submarine that is under construction. This is a Levolution item that can be triggered by blowing up each of the supports that are holding it up. The Sub will crash to the ground, killing anyone under it.


Standing on top of the sub gives the player a very good vantage point to exterminate enemies who may be entering from the side. If you are on top of the sub when its supports are blown, you will die.


I'm back at my earlier vantage point, and you can see that I have blown up the explosive tanks at the front of the sub, destroying one of its supports. Several charges of C4 are needed to fully bring the sub down.


I have now left the interior of the island and am back outside. Here is a shot of the boat dock that we were just at. The cliff side above the dock could provide an excellent area to rocket water craft and choppers. This image brings my visit to Wave Breaker to a close.

All in all, I like Wave Breaker and thoroughly enjoy the gameplay that takes place inside the island. This is where an assault load-out really shines, and a player who is skilled at reviving and healing while fighting hard can really do well here.

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