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Get a 'Life' in our Blu-ray giveaway!

By: Ben Gourlay | More News: Contests & Giveaways | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 11:39 pm

To celebrate this week's release of the sci-fi action blockbuster 'Life' on 4K, Blu-ray and DVD, we have 10 Blu-rays to give away thanks to our friends at Universal Sony Home Entertainment.




Be careful what you search for. Life is a terrifying thriller about a team of scientists aboard the International Space Station whose mission of discovery turns to one of primal fear when they find a rapidly evolving life form that caused extinction on Mars, and now threatens the crew and all life on Earth.


To go into the running to win a prize, simply correctly answer the following question in 50 words or less:

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Assassin's Creed: Origins gets 20 minutes of gameplay

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 9:31 pm

A new Assassin's Creed: Origins gameplay video shows some alpha footage...but it's not so exciting.



As a history buff fascinated with ancient Egypt, I have high hopes for Assassin's Creed: Origins. After all I've always wanted to see Egypt recreated in painstaking detail in a game like Assassin's Creed, and wrote up a big article explaining the possibilities. But the latest 20-minute gameplay video published by UK retailer GAME doesn't fill me with confidence.


The footage shows a world that doesn't seem alive. Sure the environments look great, and I for one will spend quite a lot of time simply soaking in the ancient atmosphere, but the vibrant and dynamic next-generation NPCs that I saw in Watch Dogs 2 simply aren't here. Bayek, the game's protagaonist, just seems like a god of sorts; no matter what the player did, the world itself didn't seem to react as I'd expect an impressive open-world would.

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Musk unveils the first production Tesla Model 3

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Technology in Vehicles | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 6:22 pm

Musk recently announced that the Model 3 production would start earlier than expected and just on schedule, the first production Model 3 came out of Tesla's factory yesterday.




This is the first time that more than 400,000 customers who pre-ordered a Model 3 will get to see the final product.


Musk posted two photos of the electric car, and it looks stunning. Tesla's CEO also pointed out that Ira Ehrenpreis, Tesla investor, and board member, had rights to the first car as he was the first to place a full deposit, but gave those rights to Musk as his 46th birthday present.

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Analysis: Why EA is rotating Battlefield 1 to EA Access

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 5:27 pm

EA recently revealed that Battlefield 1, the publisher's massively popular shooter, will soon be included as part of the publisher's $5 a month subscription service. We analyze why EA is now comfortable with offering Battlefield 1 to EA/Origin Access subscribers instead of pushing players to buy the full game at retail price.




Battlefield 1 isn't a year old yet, but soon it'll be available as a "free" download for EA Access and EA Origin subscribers on console and PC. The service, which costs $5 a month or $50 a year, gives users access to a growing pool of EA titles. I found Battlefield 1's arrival into the vault to be very, very interesting, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized EA's gameplan and decided to share my insights.


Why would EA make such a move? The publisher obviously has strong confidence in the subscription service and is keen on providing value. But it also has to do with how EA sees the World War I juggernaut FPS. The shooter has matured and reached the point where EA is more interested in getting people into the game's ecosystem rather than having them buy the game at full price. Full game sales are absolutely important, but as time goes by, publishers focus less on fully-priced $59.99 game sales and more on ways to bring in recurring revenue via micro- and macro-monetizations (loot boxes and expansions/season passes), of which Battlefield 1 has both.


Battlefield 1 sold about 15 million copies during its launch holiday season according to analysts at Morgan Stanley, creating a strong install base to lead into map pack sales and add-on purchases throughout 2017. Full game sales have slowed down since the initial massive salvo of purchases, and EA estimates that Battlefield 1 had 19 million players at the end of its fiscal year in March. Now that the initial sales phase is mostly completed, EA and DICE have implemented phase two: additional content in the form of extra maps, and modes made available through the season pass.

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Konami misses opportunity with Castlevania on Netflix

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 2:21 pm

Konami passed up a rare opportunity to accumulate big sales for its Castlevania series of games.




After watching the new Castlevania show on Netflix, I instantly wanted to play a Castlevania game. I'm sure I'm not alone here. The four-episode mini-series pulled us into that gothic world of devils and medieval mayhem, and I found myself wanting to further that experience in the best way I know how: video games.


But alas, Konami made no effort to roll out a new game or experience to commercial take advantage of my nostalgic whims. For millions of people, the Netflix series will be the first time they've experienced the franchise, and without an instantly accessible new product, they might not know where to start to further their experience. And more importantly, if they have to buy new hardware just to play the games, they may simply move on.


This is a mistake on Konami's part and here's why.

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PS5 will run 4K at 240FPS, out in 2019 says analyst

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming Consoles | Posted: Jul 9, 2017 12:40 am

If there is a big rumor for the PlayStation 5 it would be the latest news on it, with the PS5 rumored to not just hit 4K, but be capable of driving it at 240FPS. Ridiculous, right?




A few weeks ago I was told exclusively that the PS5 would feature a dedicated GPU, something that would help drive 4K 60FPS... but 4K @ 240FPS Is an entirely new game. There's no amount PC hardware available that will easily drive 4K @ 240FPS, especially not a mainstream console.


Well, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Patcher has said that the PS5 Pro will be backwards compatible with both PS4 and PS4 Pro games, and it'll be here in 2019. Patcher was recently interviewed by Gaming Bolt, where he said: "I really like Shawn and I don't think he is attempting to mislead anybody. The PlayStation 4 Pro is better [from a technical perspective] than the PS4, so I think that's a half step towards the PlayStation 5".


"I think the PS5 will be another half step. So he is being honest when he said he is not doing a half step but the PlayStation much faster can it be? It will surely support 4K. Will it support 240 frames per second? Great. Will it play games that were made for the PlayStation 4 PRO? That's the question. I think it will. So I think they will build a console that will backwards compatible with the PS4 Pro. So I think it will be perceived by the consumers to be a half step and I think Shawn is telling the truth when he says it's will be a full fledged console".

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Caviar launches Nokia 3310 'Putin-Trump Summit' edition

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jul 8, 2017 11:34 pm

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met for the first time this weekend during G20 summit in Germany. And what better way to mark this encounter than with a phone that features images of both presidents together?


Caviar, a Russian company known for special edition phones, mostly iPhones, which feature portraits of the Russian president, has launched a special edition of the modern Nokia 3310 named the Putin-Trump Summit.




The Caviar Nokia 3310 New Putin-Trump Summit, which is the full name of the phone, features portraits of both Trump and Putin on the back of the phone. There's also an emblem of the G20 summit below the portraits.

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iPhone 8 might not support wireless charging after all

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jul 8, 2017 9:34 pm

Apple will announce new iPhone devices in September, and according to many sources, we should expect three new devices - two upgrades to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and a premium iPhone 8.




While the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus shouldn't bring many changes to the design and the features, the iPhone 8 is rumored to come with some changes.


The iPhone 8 is expected to rock an OLED screen and ditch the fingerprint sensor in favor of facial recognition. It was also rumored that the device would support wireless charging. However, the latest leak claims that this feature is still questionable.

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Samsung predicts highest quarterly profit in its history

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: Jul 8, 2017 8:22 pm

Samsung today announced earnings guidance for its Q2 2017 timeline, showing strong quarter-over-quarter growth in both total sales and operating profit, and the highest operating profits in the company's history.




Mobile juggernaut Samsung's Q2 2017 guidance forecasts $52 billion (60 trillion Korean won) in net sales during the second quarter, and a tremendous $12.13 billion (14 trillion Korean won) in operating profit, with both respective revenues recorded as median forecasts. Analysts note that this operating income is more than the combined Q1 quarterly earnings of titans Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.


Samsung's second quarter forecasts sees both net sales and operating income up quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year. Net sales are predicted to be 18.69% quarter-over-quarter and 17.78% year-over-year, whereas operating profit is up an incredible 41.41% QoQ and an astronomical 71.9% year-over-year.


Samsung is slated to release its Q2 2017 earnings on July 27.


The official Q2 2017 range can be found below:


  • Sales: 59 ~ 61 trillion Korean won
  • Operating Profit: 13.9 ~ 14.1 trillion Korean won

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Tencent to bring Honor of Kings mobile juggernaut abroad

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: Jul 8, 2017 5:15 pm

Chinese gaming titan Tencent will extend the reach of its top-earning mobile game to Europe and the United States, sources say.




Since its release in 2015, mobile Honor of Kings has risen to the top of Tencent's billion-dollar domestic earnings, establishing the game as a titan among its peers. The wholly-owned and developed game has since become a craze with over 50 million daily active users in January, bringing in an estimated $441 million in April via in-app purchases--thus making Honor of Kings the company's most profitable property. But this success comes at a cost.


Tencent has faced opposition domestically in response to the game's strong pull. China's state newspaper People's Daily called the game "poison" and "harmful to the psychology of minors" due to its addicting nature, and called for stronger regulation of the games industry. Tencent responded by drastically curbing daily play time of minors: gamers under 12 can play for one hour, and users under 18 can play for two hours.


Now sources say that Tencent will bring Honor of Kings abroad to the United States and Europe in an effort to diversify its revenue streams. The game is to be released in regions such as U.S., France, Italy, Spain and Germany as soon as September of this year. With this rollout the giant aims to extend Honor of King's reach past Asia in a direct response to domestic backlash, a person familiar with the matter told Fortune.

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