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The9 pays $500 million for five-year Chinese exclusive on Cross Fire 2

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 53 mins ago

Chinese gaming giant Tencent has secured itself a five-year deal with The9 Limited for its free-to-play shooter, Cross Fire.




Tencent announced that its joint venture with Qihoo 360 Technology Co. and Oriental Shiny Star Limited to provide the Chinese exclusivity window. Oriental Shiny Star will enjoy its five-year exclusivity, but those rights will cost the company $50 million up front to Smilegate, and $450 million on top that will cover royalty payments, and bonuses once the game reaches development and operational milestones.


Smilegate considers Cross Fire as the "most played FPS in the world" thanks to it having a huge player base of over 500 million, with a record of 6 million concurrent players.

The first screenshots from the System Shock remake arrive

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 hours ago

System Shock was one of those games that really captured me, it was an incredibly detailed and haunting game - ahead of its time. Well, Night Dive Studios is ready to take it to the next level, with a complete reimagining of the first-person shooter.




Night Dive Studios acquired the System Shock IP from the Star Insurance Company, which scooped them up from the original developer, Looking Glass Studios. Looking Glas Studios was forced to give up the System Shock assets when it closed its doors. Night Dive Studios played around with the System Shock Enhanced Edition, but now the developer is working on a total remake of the game.


Stephen Kick, CEO of Night Dive Studios, told Polygon: "We have been in contact with members of the original System Shock team and any future iterations of the System Shock games, and by this I mean both new titles in the series as well as major updates to the existing games, will be very true to the spirit of the originals". Now that excites me, greatly. Check out Polygon's article, which has a bunch of comparison screenshots between the original System Shock, and the upcoming remake.

The first gameplay footage from Far Cry Primal has arrived

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 10 hours, 3 mins ago

Ubisoft teased Far Cry Primal a couple of months ago now, but we haven't seen any in-game footage yet - well, here we are, with the first gameplay footage from Far Cry Primal that will be unveiled at The Game Awards tomorrow night.



The Game Awards Producer, Geoff Keighley, confirmed the news over Twitter. Keighley said "FAR CRY PRIMAL world premiere coming to @thegameawards next Thursday night". 'Jawmuncher' asked if this would be a gameplay premiere, to which Keighley replied with "Correct, first gameplay".



We've seen the trailer for the game, which is directly above, but actual gameplay hasn't been unveiled yet. It looks like a nice, slight twist on the gameplay we've come to know and love from Far Cry 4, with Primal set to introduce some interesting takes on the Far Cry world.

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Batman: Arkham Knight PC update reduces framerate hitching

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: 11 hours, 51 mins ago

It seemed like Rocksteady had given up on the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight after the last patch, but, fortunately, this is not the case.




A new update has been released that improves VRAM management thereby reducing framerate hitching, fixes multi-monitor bugs, improves mouse and keyboard bindings, and renders lights and shadows correctly that were previously not rendered correctly, among other things, putting the PC port in considerably better shape.

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Fallout 4 mod fixes compass glitch caused by Crimson Edition driver

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: 12 hours, 57 mins ago

AMD's new Crimson Edition driver has glitched the compass display in Fallout 4, causing it to flicker, making it very difficult to know where you're going at a glance, or at the very least, annoying.




Fortunately, there's a fix available on Nexus Mods which removes the need to roll back drivers should you wish to fix the issue. The fix works by utilizing the .dll files from the previous driver while keeping the current driver intact.

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Halo PC is finally happening, and Microsoft has nothing to do with it

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 17 hours, 2 mins ago

Imagine a Halo game that's totally free of 343 Industries' awkward influence; no bizarre story arcs, no filler, no clunky mechanics and best of all, no terrible team AI. Sounds like heaven, doesn't it? Well it gets better: imagine all of that on PC. As Microsoft has absolutely no interest in making a new Halo game on the PC front (the "Russian-only" Halo Online doesn't officially count) and instead uses the franchise as a selling point for the Xbox One, a group of dedicated fans are making their dream Halo PC game.



The fan-made project is called Installation 01, and is being developed legally under Microsoft's Fair Use Policy. Installation 01 is being created from scratch via Unity 5.2, and the team plans to feature a unique blend of Halo CE, Halo 2 and Halo 3 features and weapons while incorporating an "intricate storyline for lore-lovers" to boot. Installation 01 will have all the modes we know and love: Campaign, Firefight (yes!), Multiplayer modes like CTF, King of the Hill and Big Team Battle, as well as Forge.


"Installation 01 is a PC-exclusive Halo game that will be 100% free-to-play. Our goal is to deliver a true Halo experience on the PC platform that will be accessible to as many people as possible," reads a description on Halo Waypoint. "The game is extremely early in development, so there aren't many details I can share with you. But you can expect me to update you along the way. A public beta is planned for the future. Date undetermined. Truthfully, this game is made FOR the fans. Our 19-man team is extremely talented and dedicated, and are making this game with a unified love of Halo."

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Beyond: Two Souls weighs in at 33GB on the PS4

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 20 hours, 2 mins ago

Games are getting bigger and bigger these days, with 50GB installs not being uncommon with The Witcher 3, Assassin's Creed: Unity, Evolve, Wolfenstein: The New Order and Grand Theft Auto V, and even 60GB for the likes of Halo 5: Guardians on the Xbox One, and Battlefield: Hardline.




Beyond: Two Souls isn't too bad, requiring 33GB on the PS4 - this is up from the 25GB required on the PS3 version of the game. The update in graphics sees Beyond: Two Souls running at 1080p on the PS4, with enhanced depth of field effects, lighting and shadows, and more - all adding to the experience, and the increase in HDD space and download limit on your Internet connection.


If you want to grab Beyond: Two Souls for the PS4, it's $29.99 and available on the PSN.

Riot Games will be punishing 'toxic behavior' in League of Legends

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 22 hours, 10 mins ago

Riot Games isn't happy with the "toxic behavior" found in League of Legends, so for the first time ever the developer will be locking players out of the new crafting and loot system. Lead Game Designer of Social Systems for Riot, Jeffrey Lin, said to Polygon in an interview: "If you're a player who is punished for toxicity or intentional feeding or so on, you can't get loot".




The new crafting and loot system for League of Legends will roll out next year, with the loot system featuring chests and key drops when the game is finished. The keys will unlock the chests (duh) with a loot system including seven-day rentals for new characters, up to and including full character and skin unlocks. This is the first time League of legends has rewarded new character skins for free.


Lin added that Riot is still working on the "details on the point at which a player's account will be cut off, he confirmed that players who are consistently tagged for negative behavior will not get any drops. Likewise, they will not be able to use crafting, where undesired drops can be traded in for something else", reports Polygon.


"We really want the system to be a reward", Lin continued, adding: "It's a new carrot for playing with friends and for being a positive player in the game. We've never been able to give skins for free before in League of Legends, so this is our way of saying, 'Hey, if you're a positive player in the game, here's your way of earning something just for playing the game and being awesome".

The first DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront drops on December 1

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 2 hours ago

We've previously reported that the first DLC for Star Wars: Battlefront would arrive next year, but it looks like it'll be here earlier than we thought - with EA preparing the first DLC for the game for next week. If you haven't already checked out the 'Toddyhancer' graphics mod for Battlefront, you really need to, it looks awesome.




EA has teased new artwork for the new map, which will drop on December 1 for anyone who pre-ordered Battlefront, for everyone else it will be released one week later on December 8. The free Star Wars: The Force Awakens back story is called 'The Battle of Jakku', which takes place 29 years before the events in the movie. EA has reiterated that the two new maps that will be arriving in the DLC will help set the stage for The Force Awakens.


The DLC will also include a new gameplay mode dubbed Turning Point, where 40 players can duke it out in the Rebel Alliance as you fight against the Empire. Rebels will need to clear various checkpoints on the way to securing the Empire's base.

'Toddyhancer' graphics mod for Star Wars: Battlefront looks amazing

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 1 day, 5 hours ago

Star Wars: Battlefront is already an incredibly gorgeous game, but it looks insanely awesome with the 'Toddyhancer' graphics mod applied to it - it looks like it's a blend of the movie and the game.




Without a video of the Toddyhancer graphics mod running, it's hard to judge - but the screenshots do it justice. Martin "Toddyftw" Bergman says that the graphics mod will slice 30-40FPS from your frame rate, so only those with the hardware chops capable of playing Star Wars: Battlefront with the Toddyhancer graphics mod enabled should try it.




There are many more screenshots available, on Bergman's Imgur account.

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