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ADATA SC660 240GB Portable SSD Review

ADATA SC660 240GB Portable SSD Review

If you want to squeeze the most value out of your portable storage solution, the SC660 from ADATA could well be a viable option.

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Faraday Future car will have cameras instead of mirrors

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Technology in Vehicles | Posted: 2 hours, 37 mins ago

Faraday Future is preparing for their big event at this year's CES on January 3rd when they will unveil their first production vehicle.




The electric car should be a mass-market vehicle and one of Tesla's competitors. So far, Faraday Future is successfully hiding the details about their electric car, but they posted another teaser on their Twitter which gives us at least some insights.


The image of the cars reveals that Faraday Future decided to ditch the mirrors and instead install cameras. This is something that Tesla did with their Model X when they first unveiled it, and BMW with i8. However, those cars didn't go into production with cameras instead of mirrors because transportation laws and regulations didn't allow for it.

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SpaceX's December launch postponed until early January

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: 3 hours, 39 mins ago

SpaceX grounded its rockets for more than three months after September's Falcon 9 explosion, but they were supposed to end this year with a new launch on December 16th.




However, that launch has now been canceled, and SpaceX is looking at a new launch date in early January. On a blog posted on their website, SpaceX stated that they are completing the final steps necessary to safely return to flight.


We are finalizing the investigation into our September 1 anomaly and are working to complete the final steps necessary to safely and reliably return to flight, now in early January with the launch of Iridium-1. This allows for additional time to close-out vehicle preparations and complete extended testing to help ensure the highest possible level of mission assurance prior to launch.

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Huawei will unveil their concept phone on December 16th

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 4 hours, 47 mins ago

Huawei, the most profitable Android manufacturer in Q3 2016, will unveil their concept phone under the Honor brand on December 16th.




Not much is know about the Honor concept smartphone, but Huawei posted a teaser that reveals the name of the device - Honor Magic.


We do not yet know if the concept will truly be magical or not, but there are a lot of rumors floating around. Some claim the concept smartphone might not have standard phone parts such as a speaker or camera, which would mean that Huawei decided to go for a modular type of phone. Other suggest that Honor Magic will have a curved display.

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Cassini shows first images of Saturn from new orbit

By: Lana Jelic | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: 5 hours, 38 mins ago

After more than 12 years studying Saturn, its rings, and moons, NASA's Cassini spacecraft has entered the final year of its epic voyage. The conclusion of the historic scientific odyssey is planned for September 2017.




Now, the Cassini spacecraft has sent its first views of Saturn's atmosphere since beginning the latest phase of its mission. The new images show scenes from high above Saturn's northern hemisphere.


This collage of images from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows Saturn's northern hemisphere and rings as viewed with four different spectral filters. Each filter is sensitive to different wavelengths of light and reveals clouds and hazes at different altitudes. Clockwise from top left, the filters used are sensitive to violet (420 nanometers), red (648 nanometers), near-infrared (728 nanometers) and infrared (939 nanometers) light. The image was taken with the Cassini spacecraft wide-angle camera on Dec. 2, 2016, at a distance of about 400,000 miles (640,000 kilometers) from Saturn. Image scale is 95 miles (153 kilometers) per pixel.

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Doom update adds Infernal Run mode, multiplayer bots

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: 13 hours, 9 mins ago

The fifth free update for Doom is out now on all platforms.



Continuing on recent efforts, it enhances multiplayer with a new mode called Infernal Run, which is basically a twisted take on soccer. In it, you fight for control of an eyeball that must be carried or thrown into the opponent's goal. Additionally, bots have been added to Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch, the level cap has been increased, Marine Armor (Praetor Suit) is unlockable by hitting the cap (Echelon 11, level 50), and SnapMap receives another slew of improvements.


Coinciding with the update is a double XP multiplayer week that ends on December 12.

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Tales of Berseria system requirements are on the low-end

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Gaming | Posted: 21 hours, 35 mins ago

Tales of Berseria now has a Steam page, which means system requirements and some features have been revealed. As you'd expect, the system requirements are low and pretty much in line with the previous two Tales games released on PC. On the low-end, all you need is a dual-core CPU, 2GB RAM, and 9800 GTX or HD 4850, whereas on the high-end you'll need a better dual-core CPU, 4GB RAM, and a GTX 560 or HD 7870. See below for the full list.






  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz or AMD Phenom II X2 550, 3.1GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce 9800 GTX or AMD Radeon HD 4850
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible




  • OS: Windows 7, 8, 10 (64-bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-750, 2.66GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 965, 3.2GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 560 or Radeon HD 7870
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 15 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 11 compatible

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PC game release deals: Shadow Tactics + Arizona Sunshine

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: 21 hours, 50 mins ago

While most of the big name games are already out this year, a few surprises are left in 2016's lineup. Today, we saw the launch of the first VR Zombie Shooter Arizona Sunshine and a new tactical stealth game Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun. Both are heavily discounted on today's launch at GMG with price breaks up to 32% off. Both titles are high up in Steam Store's top seller list and relatively well received.




Early December releases like Friday's upcoming Warhammer Space Hulk: Deathwing are dropping as much as $13. That's about as good as you can expect for pre-orders and recent releases. In other noteworthy PC game deals for the week, we're spotting Lara Croft Go, a new Euro Truck Simulator 2 title, and, of course, Ubisoft's latest Steep and Watch Dogs 2.


Early December Releases:



Late November Releases:



All the deals listed above are from GMG, who is an authorized PC gaming retailer. These are then all the best prices you can find without taking a trip to the shady grey market.


As mentioned earlier, several November 29 releases are also going on sale at GMG. Ubisoft's Watch Dogs 2 is 20% off as is Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Year 2 Pass. The complete version of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege was also released early last now that Year 2 pass has arrived. If you're itching for new operators, this is the pack to get. Some deals above will require login to see the discount - once you add to cart, the price will reflect accordingly.

Five budget laptops under $300 deals for Christmas

By: TweakTown Dealzon | More News: Deals | Posted: 22 hours, 32 mins ago

You're on a laptop budget of $300 and you need it by Christmas. You might want to consider picking up a unit today or you'll be facing expensive shipping options to get it in time for gift wrapping. This week five decent budget laptop deals emerged from the ashes of Cyber Monday and Black Friday last week. In fact, some of these under $300 laptop deals are even cheaper than the biggest online shopping day of the year.




At the top of our list is a 15-inch Lenovo IdeaPad 110 "Signature Edition" from Microsoft Store. This 15.6-inch laptop is spec'd with an Intel Celeron processor originally priced at $299. Thanks to Xmas/Holiday promotion, the laptop gets $100 off along with a 1TB hard drive - a combination you really don't see on a new conditioned laptop at this price point.


Budget Laptop Deals



Another great option out there, and once again cheaper than Cyber Monday, is the 15.6-inch Lenovo 110-15. If you'd rather veer away from an AMD processor and go Intel, this one comes with a Pentium N3710, 4GB RAM, and a 1TB hard drive. All great specs for the $290.49 price tag after a doorbuster themed coupon code. The Lenovo deal runs only through December 9th.


If you want to go even cheaper, Chromebooks are a good alternative as a basic word processor and Internet streaming/browsing machine. At HP, you can pick up their popular 11-inch Chromebook for $179, and while the spec on the HP Chromebook 11 versus the IdeaPad 110 15-inch aren't too far off (both carrying the Celeron N3060 CPU), you're looking at a 16GB eMMC storage on the Chromebook versus the 1TB HDD on the Windows 10 Lenovo device.

PlayStation 4 breaks 50 million sales milestone

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 22 hours, 56 mins ago

Sony has officially announced that more than 50 million PlayStation 4 consoles have been sold across 122 different regions around the world.




The PlayStation brand continues to smash sales milestones, reaching and surpassing the 50 million unit mark. Sony has included all three versions of the PS4 in these cumulative figures: the 2013 launch consoles that aren't being manufactured any more, the new PS4 "slim" which features an updated 16nm APU and replaced the launch PS4 consoles, and the new 4K-ready PlayStation 4 Pro, which features a new powerful 4.2TFLOPs Radeon Polaris GPU. Interestingly enough, Sony hasn't officially revealed sales figures for the PS4 Pro, and I'm wondering how many of the Pro's sales can be attributed to the recent Black Friday sales that marked the console down by as much as $100 off.


The PlayStation 2 still holds the crown for most lifetime sales of a video games console, with 155 million global lifetime sales.

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Western Digital reveals new 12TB Helium He12 hard drives

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Storage | Posted: 23 hours, 50 mins ago

Western Digital has announced its new massive 12TB Ultrastar He12 helium hard drives.




WD's new fourth-gen 12TB Ultrastar He12 drives are the industry's first-ever 8-disk helium drives--with the added helium allowing for two disks more than the maximum air-filled HDDs. Most HDDs are filled with air, but adding lighter helium allows manufacturers to fit more lighter, thinner disk platters into the drives, thus improving storage density, power efficiency, and actuator arm accuracy. The 12TB He12 drive is available in both 6Gb/s SATA or 12 Gb/s SAS interfaces, and has a Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 2.5 million hours.


Hermetically sealed with Western Digital's HelioSeal process, Western Digital affirms that the Ultrastar He12 drives are "perfect for any application that requires massive amounts of cost-effective storage." If 12TB isn't enough, the company has revealed that it will "leverage SMR to provide even more capacity from the same essential hardware to deliver 14TB" of data storage.

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