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be quiet! Dark Rock TF Top Flow CPU Cooler Review

be quiet! Dark Rock TF Top Flow CPU Cooler Review

be quiet!'s Dark Rock TF top flow designed CPU cooler goes through the test bench today and comes out shining rather brightly at the end of it all.

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iPad Pro chip A9X broken down, specs revealed

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: CPU, APU & Chipsets | Posted: 1 hour, 20 mins ago

While Apple likes to downplay specifications and focus on real-world results, enthusiasts will be enthusiasts. Case in point: patent and technology partner company Chipworks has again broken down an Apple processor and spilled the juicy specifications. This time it's the A9X chip -- pictured below -- present on the iPad Pro.




The A9X features a 12-cluster GPU (likely a semi-custom Apple implementation of the Series 7XT) and two CPU cores. It doesn't feature the level-three cache memory found in the A9, which Fool attributes to the bigger and better chip technology, rendering the old memory unnecessary, or at least not worthwhile.

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AMD Crimson driver causing fan issues, hotfix incoming

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Video Cards | Posted: 2 hours, 22 mins ago

AMD's Crimson Edition driver has been causing fan issues for some, some saying it locks the speed to 20%.




While it's been reported this has caused cards to burn out, Reddit user Joshposh70 conducted some hard tests with his R9 290s in Crossfire and claims temperatures peaked at 94 degrees, at which point clock speeds were automatically reduced to maintain that temperature, as is expected with AMD's built-in Powertune technology.

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Apacer announces new Panther 2666MHz DDR4 RAM modules

By: Derek Strickland | More News: RAM | Posted: 3 hours, 19 mins ago

Keeping up with today's demanding PC tech can break your wallet, with components like DDR4 RAM commanding $100 prices for 16GB modules. Apacer aims to take some of the burden off or your bank account with its new line of budget-friendly Panther DDR4 RAM sticks.




Apacer's Panther DDR4 RAM modules ship in 4GB and 8GB flavors, with a maximum capacity at 64GB. The Panther line operates at 1.2V and sports three different clock ratios at 2133/2400/2666MHz timed at 15-15-15-36 and 16-16-16-36. The memory sticks support Z170 and 8150 motherboards, and are compatible with XMP 2.0 for easy overclocking beyond 2400MHz.


Stylized gold-and-silver Claw-shaped heat spreaders line the tops of each Panther module, allowing for excellent heat dissipation performance. Taiwanese tech-maker boasts that the modules' IC's have been "extensively screened" for quality to ensure "fast speeds as well as extreme stability on a high system load during long gaming session".

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Police called due to altercation between eSports pro and journalist

By: Chris Smith | More News: Gaming | Posted: 4 hours, 21 mins ago

Dreamhack Winter heated up this weekend when police were called due to a fight between Swedish Dota 2 professional Jonathan 'Loda' Berg and high-profile English eSports journalist Richard Lewis.




This altercation happened after a discussion on Twitter involving a sign held by Kellymilkies, manager of Berg's professional team (and his girlfriend), was posted by Lewis. The post was accompanied with a comment, reading "Can someone tell the groupie I kicked out of bed this morning that she left her sign." While Lewis later claimed that this discussion has nothing to do with Berg's manager as he didn't know she made the sign, it was still taken personally.


The official statement by DreamHack reads "During the afternoon today at DreamHack Winter 2015 there was an incident at the CS:GO backstage area, where Loda and Richard Lewis were involved in verbal dispute that escalated into a physical confrontation. The situation was witnessed by DreamHack staff, who intervened and pulled both parties apart when the confrontation began. After cooling down the situation, DreamHack Security Crew was called to the site, and took official statements of the involved the parties. DreamHack also notified Police that came to the location to take statements from both parties and witnesses."

Amazon's new Prime Air drones deliver packages in 30 minutes or less

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Drones | Posted: 5 hours, 44 mins ago

After months of speculation and rumors, the internet's most popular e-tailer has finally taken to the skies with a fleet of delivery drones that may usher in a new level of convenience.



As explained by Jeremy Clarkson, Amazon's new Prime Air delivery service taps the power of autonomous drones in order to ship packages in 30 minutes or less. The drones themselves are quite advanced, using "sophisticated sense-and-avoid technology" to detect and avoid nearby obstacles in the sky, and even scans the landing zone to ensure safe deliveries. The drones can fly up to 400 feet at 55 miles-per-hour, and can deliver 5-pound packages--things like DVD's, games, CD's and even shoes--in a 15-mile radius.


Amazon notes that the Prime Air service isn't ready for deployment, and the drones are still being manufactured and developed. "We are testing many different vehicle designs, and delivery mechanisms to discover how best to deliver packages in a variety of environments," reads the official Q&A. The company plans to offer Prime Air in the United States, the United Kingdom and Israel to start, with other territories to follow.

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Star Wars Battlefront weekend PC players doubled by Team Fortress 2

By: Chris Smith | More News: Gaming | Posted: 6 hours, 23 mins ago

While we reported a few days ago that Star Wars Battlefront had a poor PC player uptake, seeing a 24-hour peak of 33,337 players on PC compared to 66,444 on Team Fortress 2 and a massive 229,068 on Fallout 4, the weekend wasn't any kinder to this newly-released title.




Over the past 24 hours, Star Wars Battlefront posted only 30,273 players in total, compared with eight-year-old Team Fortress 2 performing well at a double-sized peak of 74,491.


Further comparison draws us, yet again, to Fallout 4, a title released alongside Star Wars Battlefront. White this game caters to a slightly different audience. Steam reports that this game has clocked a massive comparative peak of 254,357 players in the last 24 hours, with 162,742 playing at the time of writing this article.

University of California develops valuable injury training simulation

By: Chris Smith | More News: Science, Space & Robotics | Posted: 6 hours, 23 mins ago

Technology buffs at the University of California have created this technical simulation of a shrapnel-induced wound on someone's leg, aiming to bring Saving Private Ryan gore to real life, this time for education and training purposes.



Developed by Jeff Eldredge and his colleagues, this training simulator is designed for use by combat medics to prepare for, understand and know to to deal with what is a grim possibility when out in the field.


In an interview with New Scientist, Eldredge stated that "We're genuinely hopeful that our simulations will enhance the educational experience for medical trainees." In true father fashion, he added "But I'm really pleased just to get visceral reactions from my kids. That probably makes me a horrible father."

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VTech hacked and 4.8 million accounts compromised, links to children

By: Chris Smith | More News: Hacking & Security | Posted: 7 hours, 24 mins ago

VTech Holdings is a technology toy maker specializing in fun and educational wares for kids, and it's Learning Lodge app store was raided recently by hackers, stealing account information from the database within.




Although there hasn't been official confirmation from this company just yet, reports claim that 4.8 million accounts have been compromised, including some made by, for, or about children.


VTech was not aware of these attacks, with the breach happening on November 14, this company didn't know anything until asked by a reporter on November 23. While VTech states that it has put measures in place to stop this from happening again, the accounts compromised are encrypted with an outdated algorithm, leaving little hope of safety for those already hacked. In addition, the database contains information on 200,000 children, including first names, genders and birthdays.

4K TV show torrenting is now a reality

By: Chris Smith | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 8 hours, 25 mins ago

With there has been a massive rise in UHD monitors and televisions recently, avid watchers of TV programs have mostly been left high and dry. Firstly there's the issue of your video card being unable to play games smoothly at 4K due to the massive amount of processing power that it requires, then comes the issue that the latest pirated seasons of Orange is the New Black only allow you to watch it in normal HD resolution.




In the last few days all of this has changed, with Gizmodo reporting that people have now gained access to 4K TV shows available on Amazon and Netflix, publishing them for free online. While 60 minute shows are currently being listed at between 10GB and 15GB each, those with slow internet are still going to be behind on the times.


These videos have been made available thanks to a HDCP audiovisual security hole, allowing pirates to illegally download these shows through a loophole on Amazon and Netflix, re-uploading and publishing them for all who wish to watch.

OnePlus blames third-parties for faulty USB Type-C cable and adapter

By: Chris Smith | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 9 hours, 26 mins ago

After we reported on OnePlus refusing to replace its USB Type-C cable and adapter for the OnePlus 2, this company has tried to pin some of the fault on supplier issues.




In a blog post, OnePlus stated that "cheaply made" third-party hardware mightn't be the best suit for all users. They continued, "Name-brand products like chargers, cables, power banks and USB hubs that are made by reputable companies are usually pretty trustworthy and safe to use," further labeling its suppliers as of poor quality.


While the OnePlus charger and adapter isn't a surefire way to fry your electronics, there is a possibility that issues may arise, with a Google engineer ringing alarm bells in recent times.

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