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Kingwin Power Dock PD-2537U3 Dual-Bay Clone Storage Station Review

Kingwin Power Dock PD-2537U3 Dual-Bay Clone Storage Station Review

Are you on the market for a dual-bay storage docking station with cloning abilities? Take a look at Kingwin's Power Dock PD-2537U3.

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Just Mobile launches 'self-healing' iPhone cases

By: Sean Ridgeley | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 0 mins ago

Just Mobile has launched its TENC iPhone case line, which boasts Wolverline-like "self-healing" capabilities. Some would say the point of a case is for the case to get banged up instead of the phone, so why purchase a product like this? Well, maybe you like your case looking slick too, particularly if you're only dropping $24.99 or $29.99 on it anyway (which is what these cases are priced at). Also, TENC cases protect and heal the screen, not just themselves.




BGR's Zach Epstein says, "It works. I've seen it work. Just Mobile sent along a brass brush with the test cases I was given, and I spent a bit of time scratching up the surface of several of the cases. In most cases, the scratches I made were gone a short while later. In a few instances, some scratches were still visible on the case's surface after a few minutes. Over time, however, they faded away to almost nothing."

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BlackBerry could exit phone business if the Priv crashes

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Mobile Devices, Tablets & Phones | Posted: 52 mins ago

BlackBerry's new Priv smartphone is more than just the company's first Android device: it represents a kind of final push into the modern mobile market. If the hybrid OS-powered Priv--named for BlackBerry's emphasis on user privacy--doesn't take off, then the company might stop making handsets altogether.




BlackBerry CEO John Chen delivered the news to Re/Code during the Code/Mobile event, saying that if the new Priv smartphone didn't turn a profit, executives would think about ceasing smartphone production within a year. Chen told The Verge that BB needs to sell at least 5 million phones a year in order to turn a profit.


It looks like BlackBerry has put all of its eggs in one basket, hoping that their new power-sliding Android smartphone will be enough to bolster its software earnings. Since the Priv has a dual-OS system, it's compatible with Google's slew of Android apps on the Google Play store while maintaining all of the functionality and privacy offered by th BlackBerry 10 OS. Chen also affirms that the phone will be available in physical carrier stores when it launches.

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Surface Book has dual-GPU setup with custom 1GB GDDR5 Maxwell GPU

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Laptops | Posted: 2 hours, 2 mins ago

With its new Surface Book, Microsoft one-ups its own Surface Pro line by melding the on-the-go utility of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop and the performance of a desktop. Microsoft touts the Surface Book as the "world's most powerful, thinnest laptop", and new info on the 2-in-1's dual-GPU setup helps add credence to Redmond's claims.




Rather than featuring a single graphics solution, the more expensive Surface Book models actually have dual-GPU setups: an iGPU complimented by a dGPU. The Surface Book's tablet portion houses Intel's integrated Iris Graphics by default, so this is the graphics solution you'll get with the $1500 and $1700 models.


Consumers who opt in for the $1900 and above flavors get a second discrete GPU that's housed in the attached keyboard base. The discrete solution is a Maxwell-based GPU with 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM that's been custom-built by NVIDIA. "The new GPU is a Maxwell-based GPU, and was designed to deliver the best performance in ultra-thin form factors such as the Surface Book keyboard dock," NVIDIA told Gizmodo. "With NVIDIA GeForce GPU powering this new hybrid, users will be able to speed up productivity apps such as Adobe Illustrator and Lightroom, and light PC gaming."

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Xbox boss: 'We aren't motivated by beating Sony'

By: Derek Strickland | More News: Gaming | Posted: 3 hours, 51 mins ago

Sony's PlayStation 4 remains triumphant over this generation of consoles, with its long-standing sales streaks only intermittently broken up by the Xbox One. Faced with the PS4's momentum and the system's new price drop to $350, Xbox boss Phil Spencer doubts whether or not Microsoft's Xbox One can even catch up--not to mention overtake--to Sony's console.



At this year's GeekWire Summit, Phil Spencer was asked if he thinks the Xbox One can beat the PS4. "You know, I don't know," Phil Spencer answered with candor. "In terms of the length of the generation, [Sony] has a huge lead over us and they have a good product. [But] I love the content and the games line-up that we have. I'll say we're not motivated by beating Sony. We're motivated by satisfying our current customers and gaining as many customers as we can."


The Xbox One's disastrous E3 announcement seriously harmed the trust that gamers had in the company, and thus pushed them towards the PlayStation 4. Spencer went on to chronicle how the original Xbox One announcement was a catastrophe for the company, and how he came in to pick up the pieces.

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ARK: Survival Evolved developer has no ETA on DX12 patch

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 5 hours, 42 mins ago

Studio Wildcard, the developer behind ARK: Survival Evolved has come out talking about a new update promised for next week, where they said: "Hello Survivors, It's been a long week here at Studio Wildcard as the programming team has been grinding to get the DX12 version ready for release".




They continued: "It runs, it looks good, but unfortunately we came across some driver issues that we can't entirely tackle ourselves :(. We've reached out to both NVIDIA and AMD and will be working with them to get it resolved as soon as possible! Once that's tackled, we'll be needing to do more solid testing across a range of hardware with the new fixes. Sadly, we're gonna have to delay its release until some day next week in order to be satisfied with it. It's disappointing to us too and we're sorry for the delay, really thought we'd have it nailed today but we wouldn't want to release ARK DX12 without the care it still needs at this point. Hang in there, and when it's ready for public consumption, it should be worth the wait!"


SO it looks like the DX12 version of the game will be delayed for a while, with Studio Wildcard adding: "After we found out it was heavily dependent on drivers and the hardware vendors progress we slowed ours a bit. It's still being worked on, but we have no plans on releasing it until it at least runs better than the DX11 version. And that is a hard thing to generate an ETA for".

The Witcher 3 receives a new 15GB patch, with a 13-page changelog

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Gaming | Posted: 7 hours, 35 mins ago

The Witcher 3 has just been updated, dragging it up to v1.10 with the patch weighing in at up to 15GB on the consoles and between 6-15GB on the PC. But it's the changelog that has us surprised, with CD Projekt Red including an insane 13-page, five-part changelog.




You can check out the elaborate changelog on Steam, with the studio saying there are over 300 improvements in the v1.10 patch. As for the improvements, there are a lot of them, so we're not going to paste them all here. However, we will include just a handful:


  • Decreases chance of unwarranted screen blur occurring during play.
  • Fixes rare infinite loading screen appearing upon loading of save made during Broken Flowers quest.
  • Fixes performance issues near the Cave of Dreams in Skellige.
  • Improves game performance during quest titled Practicum in Advanced Alchemy.
  • Improves general game performance in location Whoreson's Arena in Novigrad during quest titled Get Junior.
  • Improves game performance throughout Swamps location in Velen.
  • Improves game performance when bombs are used, especially with Cluster Bomb skill active.
  • Improves game performance in areas with toxic clouds and when said clouds are ignited.
  • Improves game performance in Novigrad Bathouse, especially during quest titled Blindingly Obvious.
  • Improves overall game performance in Bald Mountain location.
  • Improves game performance during quest titled The Battle of Kaer Morhen.
  • Improves game performance in Kaer Trolde during quest titled King's Gambit.
  • Improves game [performance] during quest titled Family Matters.
  • Improves game performance during burial and feast scenes in the quest titled The King is Dead - Long Live the King.

Uber hack in early 2014 allegedly traced back to the CTO of Lyft

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 9 hours, 23 mins ago

Last year Uber was hacked with around 50,000 drivers' names and license numbers accessed, Uber's legal investigations into the attack led them to an IP address of who was responsible.




The address? The Chief Technology Officer of Lyft, Uber's competitor - at least according to two sources familiar with the matter. Uber announced it was hacked in February during a lawsuit it filed in the San Francisco federal court, so it could find out who was behind the IP address. According to the ride sharing giant's papers, an at-the-time unidentified person was using a Comcast IP address and had access to a security key that they used for the breach.


According to two of Reuters' sources, the IP address was traced back to the CTO of Lyft, Chris Lambert. The court papers have no correlation between the IP address and the person behind the attack, with Uber finding the IP address through a process of elimination where it worked through all of the IP addresses that accessed a critical security key that had been accidentally deposited on the public code-sharing platform, GitHub. As for the IP address, it was used by a VPN service based in Scandanavia, with the Judge Laurel Beeler saying that the information that Uber wanted through its subpoena for Comcast's records was "reasonably likely" to help reveal the "bad actor" behind the attack.

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Light's new camera has 16 camera sensors, takes 52-megapixel photos

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Cameras | Posted: 11 hours, 28 mins ago

Light has just unveiled their latest L16 camera, which features an impressive 16 camera sensors on the front, each capturing 13-megapixel images. When a photo is taken on the Light L16, it comes out as a huge 52-megapixel image.




The L16's 16 separate camera sensors are divided into three groups, which each having a lens of a different focal length. There are five cameras with 35mm effective focal length lenses, five with 70mm modules, and six with 150mm modules. Light then uses some impressive software and stitching tools, which allows the L16 to zoom through an effective range of 35mm to 150mm without any moving parts or adjustable lenses.




It's an impressive feat, considering the camera sensor on each of the 16 cameras being 13 megapixels. With the L16 being a little thicker than a smartphone, and the stitching of photos to make a huge 52-megapixel photo being a huge tick on its side of awesomeness. Another great feature with the Light L16 is that the focus of the photos can be adjusted after the shot has been taken, making it similar to the Lytro camera. But, the L16 is capable of shooting 4K video which is something the Lytro can't do.


How much will this cost? You'll be splashing down $1299 if you pre-order now, but as of November 6 the price of the L16 will shoot up to $1699 before it ships in late summer 2016.

HP unveils its new 34-inch curved all-in-one 'Envy' PC

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Computer Systems | Posted: 13 hours, 35 mins ago

HP has just announced its new Envy Curved All-in-One PC, slapping an entire PC into a 34-inch curved UltraWide monitor. The 21:9 aspect ratio looks beautiful on the new PC, with HP claiming it's the world's widest curved AIO and the first to receive Technicolor certification.




HP's new UltraWide AIO PC also has 99% of the sRGB color gamut for professionals, with six speakers being crammed into the AIO courtesy of Bang & Olufsen. HP will let consumers configure the Envy Curved All-in-One PC with Intel's new Skylake-based Core i5 or Core i7 processors, up to an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960, up to 16GB of RAM, and various storage configurations.




Windows 10 will come pre-installed, which shouldn't be a surprise now that Microsoft's latest desktop operating system is here. HP's new AIO PC looks to be aimed at professionals and non-gamers, but gamers can get in some decent gaming at 3440x1440 with a GTX 960 if they set their in-game visual settings to Medium.


HP will be selling the Envy Curved All-in-One PC starting from $1799.99 next month.

Netflix increases its $8.99 per month plan to $9.99 per month

By: Anthony Garreffa | More News: Business, Financial & Legal | Posted: 15 hours, 42 mins ago

If you're a Netflix subscriber on the dual HD plan paying $8.99 per month, the company has just increased the price of this plan to $9.99 per month.




This is Netflix's most popular plan, with the company only increasing the price of this plan in the US, Canada and parts of Latin America. The new $9.99 pricing will take place after a grace period, while new subscribers can enjoy their free trial, but after the trial it will be locked at $9.99 per month for the HD on two screens at once ability.

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