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| Sep 19, 2018 at 8:00 am CDT
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AI Will Eventually Be Better Than You At Games

When I was at the GeForce Gaming Celebration I talked to some NVIDIA staff about what the future of gaming would be like powered by the new AI abilities mixed with the Tensor Cores inside of Turing. The back-and-forth chat was beyond illuminating, really inspiring me that the future of gaming on PC will take things to the next level.


I was told about a game in the future would create scenarios where a player would advance on let's say, a military base with a few AI-based characters standing guard at the entrance. There's a button one of them would press in an emergency to alert the entire base of your presence, so you have multiple options to enter the base.

In this instance you are approaching the guards and want to take one down, so you crawl up the mountain slowly so that they don't see you. Remember, they don't have traditional vision and AI, but we're talking AI hardware that gives them almost individual personalities and human-like reactions to situations.

You pull out your sniper rifle and take out the guard on the left, an action that snaps the other soldiers mind and he panics. His friend has just been killed in front of him, so he looks at the body realistically (leaning over and checking on him) and as he turns to you, through the zoomed-in scope on your sniper rifle, you see his reaction.

The look of anger. The look of someone who has nothing going through their mind but ending your life. The AI would be powering a character in the game that would think like you. Does he begin cover firing and getting out of the way of your next shot, or does he shoot out the lights above him that allow you to see him?

AI will be smart enough to adapt to the situation at hand, so in this instance he shoots the light out above him descending your vision into darkness. The base has been alerted, the lights are out, and you don't have night vision. Your journey into the base just got 10x harder as you have AI that is beyond the levels we play with now, with human-like abilities and thought patterns.

The future of AI won't hide behind a wall waiting for you or running in circles, they're going to hunt you down in packs. You will be versing AI that is being driven by RT Cores and the Turing GPU architecture on NVIDIA's new GeForce RTX 2080/2080 Ti (and beyond) that is just as smart, and sometimes even better than good human gamers.

The fun with AI doesn't stop there, as we could see a total resurgence in all genres of games from the help of RT Cores, Deep Learning, and AI. Another genre would be horror. Imagine a next-gen reboot of the likes of Resident Evil or F.E.A.R. - because that's something I could get behind.

A new Left 4 Dead with the AI Director (that is already built in the game and tuning the game dynamically based on players' behavior and advancement in the game) being real AI driven by RT Cores. An AI that is dynamically adjusting the game with individual zombies and larger enemies (Smokers, Witches, etc) with much more powerful AI driving them at human-like levels.

Zombies could hunt you in packs, making them scarier and more dangerous than ever before. They could hunt you like animals using senses that they don't have now... imagine that RT Cores and AI could have them smelling you... yes, smelling you. This would make you have to think much more in the game about what exactly is attacking you, and how best to hide or run from it.

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If you can't kill the zombie or animal tracking you, you might have to cover up your footprints through the dirt, sand, or mud. You will be forced to find water to jump into to mask your scent, or deal with a horde of AI-driven zombies that are smashing the house you're in to pieces at all different doors and windows confusing you to where they are and how you'll escape.

NVIDIA has provided the technology for the future of games, and now it's up to developers to tap the power of RT Cores in the Turing architecture. The only thing that I fear is that most games are multi-platform, so this would mean one of two things. First, we have normal games with additional RTX-specific AI features sprinkled on top of existing games and their pre-built AI.

Secondly, developers really tap into the RT Cores and AI power of Turing and make it part of the DNA of the game: truly next-gen AI that is similar to the stories that I heard in Germany at the GeForce Gaming Celebration event, or beyond. I want to sh*t my pants in a horror game that adapts to me... I want to have AI in shooters that is as good as a human opponent, I want to get smashed in RTS games against true AI.

The more exciting thing is that we're only scratching the possibilities of what could be the future of gaming powered by AI... it truly is limitless with NVIDIA's new Turing GPU architecture.

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