Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Patriot's Viper V770 RGB is one of the best mechanical gaming keyboards we've ever reviewed and tested.

Published Sep 6, 2017 11:55 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 6:58 PM CST
Manufacturer: Patriot Memory
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The Bottom Line

It's rare to find a keyboard that is this functional, structurally solid, and with a lack of major cost involved! Patriot has evolved the earlier keyboard to new heights, and the Viper V770 RGB will not leave its owners wanting, on any level.

Introduction, Specifications, and Pricing

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 99

Currently, Patriot only offers a pair of keyboards, one of which we have already seen. That keyboard would be the Patriot Viper V760, which we had a look at, a little over a year ago. In that design, we were greeted with a frameless mechanical keyboard with the typical 104-key layout and a built-in wrist rest. The V760 was also feature rich with Macros, RGB lighting, as well as a software suite which allowed users to make the most of any situation, by customizing things at will. Not only is the V760 very Affordable, but it also came highly recommended by us at that time, and still is a solid answer to fit most users' needs.

Since Patriot pretty much hit the nail on the head with the release of the Viper V760, we find it hard to imagine exactly what it is that they could do to make it better, but they are giving it the old college try. In the latest iteration of the Viper mechanical keyboards, many things have changed. While the basic design is very similar, the number of keys has been increased. The main reason to do this is to allow users to have All of the functionality at their fingertips, rather than having to return to the software all of the time to make changes. With the release of their latest keyboard, Patriot allows the user to address many of the LED backlighting modes, set profiles, record Macros on-the-fly, while also delivering a set of multimedia keys that are not what is typically found in many other solutions.

The mechanical gaming keyboard we are addressing here today is the Patriot Viper V770 RGB. What you are about to see is a large step forward from the V760, and is done in all the right ways. While the software does hide a few extras that the keyboard does not show initially, the majority of your programming and customizations can all be done while working or gaming, without missing a beat. Also, rather than offer a built-in wrist rest, this time the rest is detachable, but it also sports a logo and stripe across it that is RGB backlit too. If the V760 was up your alley, but you are looking for something better, look no further. The Patriot Viper V760 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is everything you need, and at a price, anyone can appreciate.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 01

The chart we found on the Patriot product page does not offer much information, but they do cover the basics. First, we see that the V770 RGB and packaging weighs in at 2043 grams. We also see that the box is 510mm wide, it is 200mm from front to back, and it stands 72mm tall. As to the keyboard itself, it is 459mm from side to side; it is 229mm from front to back, the keyboard stands 39mm tall and weighs in at 1398 grams. We also like the fact that the Patriot Viper V770 RGB is covered by a two-year warranty.

Things that are not mentioned makes for a much longer list. The frame of the chassis is made of plastic, which is black, and the plate is exposed in this design, which is gunmetal gray and is made of aluminum. Each of the keys is backlit with 16.8 million color choices and various lighting modes. The mechanical switches used in this sample are Kailh red switches, and we do not see any indication of optional choices. There is a dedicated set of five Macro keys, a set of five profile keys, and six LED mode switches with a pair of LED intensity buttons too. You can change the direction of the LED display, there are multimedia keys, you can increase and decrease the speed of the LED modes, and we also find a Gaming mode lockout key and a record button for use with profiles and Macros.

As we look at the product page of the V770 RGB, we noticed the MSRP is shown there too, and it is shown to be set at $139.99. However, much like when it came to finding the V760, looking for the Viper V770 RGB at retail outlets is pleasing to the wallet. At this time, you can look to both Newegg as well as Amazon, and find the Viper V770 RGB priced at just $119.99, which is only $20 more than what the V760 cost when we reviewed it. With everything you get now, the inclusion of extra keys, features, and simplistic functionality, we feel the slight increase in cost is worth every penny. Even if you are not a fan of Patriot peripherals up to now, the Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard may just be the "it product" that changes your mind, and we strongly urge you to have a look at what Patriot is doing now in the realm of mechanical keyboards.

Chad's Peripherals Test System Specifications

Packaging, Accessories, and Documentation

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 02

The fr4ont of the packaging is bright to attract your attention to it, as it sports a huge image of the V770 RGB across it. At the bottom-left corner, we see six features mentioned, while on the right, we find the name of the product and a cut-out showing off the arrow keys on the keyboard.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 03

Both of the long sides of the box are identical in every detail. They both show the features of RGB backlit keys, Aircraft grade aluminum, use of mechanical red switches, USB and audio pass-through ports, dedicated Macro keys, as well as multimedia keys, and, they have a tiny image of the keyboard following them.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 04

We also find that the smaller ends of the box are identical as well. There is a gray and black -pattern used as the backdrop, which allows Patriot to use white for the logo and product name found on these panels. We also find that the box is sealed with anti-tamper stickers, ensuring the keyboard is as functional as it was when tested at the factory.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 05

The back of the box has an image of the V770 with eleven features point6ed out around it, and a side view below it, showing the detachable wrist rest. To the right, we see an exploded diagram of the Kailh red switches, and a list of eight features that made Patriot choose to use them.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 06

Inside of a bright red box, with dense foam above and below it, we find the keyboard wrapped in a plastic liner. The cord is tied up and resting in the back, while under the V770 you will find the literature and extra goodies.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 07

The goodies that come with the V770 consist of the wrist rest, which uses a five-pin system to be powered so that it can be illuminated. Also, we found a 3.5mm splitter jack, which allows both a microphone as well as headphone connection to the single port on the right edge of the V770. The last thing we found was the bright orange key puller so that if you do need to clean the keyboard, this will help to remove the caps easily.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 08

As far as literature is concerned, there is the quick start guide, but it shows little more than how to plug in the keyboard to the PC, for full instructions to the V770, you must download a PDF from the pro9duct page. As usual, to go along with the product, we are also sent a pair of Viper logo stickers.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 09

The left side of the V770 is not only highly stylized with an inset shape and various angles, but there is also the USB 2.0 pass-through port here as well. To take things a step further, Patriot also adds in an LED stripe, which uses its own source of LED light to add some lighting to the desktop as well.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 10

Typically, we would be looking at seventy-four of the 104-key layout, but the V770 has eighty-seven keys showing in this image. The legends on the keys are shifted up on the caps to allow the LED light to pass through the keycaps, and we see dashes in the space bar for added lighting, and the Function key sports the Viper logo.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 11

At the left edge of the Viper V770, five buttons are running vertically. These simply have the Viper log on them, they are marked one through five, and are intended to be used as Macro buttons. These can be programmed on-the-fly, or via software.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 12

At the top, still, at the left edge of the keyboard, we find eight LED buttons. The first six go through modes like the wave, reactive, snake, rain drop, pulsing color shift, static color shift, where the last two buttons increase or decrease the LED intensity in three levels.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 13

On the Function keys, we find that F1 through F5 all have fan symbols and numbers on them. These are used for customizing the profiles and the LED lighting shown on each of them.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 14

The right portion of the top of the keyboard has all the thirty keys one would expect to find. The commands are all there, there is a full number pad, and a set of arrows. Speaking of the arrow keys, this is where you can address the motion of an LED mode.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 15

At the top edge, we find three paddle switches, which allows the user to use play/pause or stop with the first one, fast forward or reverse with the second, and the last5 switch will find the next or previous track. For volume control, slide the cylinder away, and it goes up, roll it towards you to lower it, and push it down to mute sounds. We can also see the Gaming Mode key, the Record button, and on the page up and down buttons, we can increase or decrease the speed of things like the wave pattern.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 16

The right6 edge of the Viper V770 is nearly identical to what the left side offers, except that the view is reversed, and rather than a USB port, we find the 3.5mm audio pass-through port. Unlike when the keyboard was resting flat on the table, with the feet extended, the angle of the caps has increased, and don't forget; there is a rest which makes it more comfortable to use still.

Viper V770 RGB Continued

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 17

Dead center on the back edge, there is a panel which extends outward. This is to be used to hold onto a phone or a tablet. With so many games offering mobile apps for maps, weapons and goodies, and things of that nature, this is a handy feature to have. If you do not need it, simply leave it in, and nobody is any wiser.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 18

The rubber cable is sleeved in a red and black braid, which can be tied up with the hook and loop strap if you need to travel with the V770. At the end of the cable we see it breaks into four connections for the HD Audio connections, as well as a pair of USB 2.0 connections, one for the port, and the other to power the keyboard. All of which are gold plated.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 19

The underside of the V770 is just as stylish as the rest of the design. With ribbed sections and inset angular shapes, it is built to be rigid as well as to support the keys above it. Three thin feet are found on the front edge, with much larger feet in the back corners, even a much larger one under where the mobile devices will sit.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 20

On either side, at the back of the keyboard, there is a pair of flip out feet. These open quite wide, leaving the foot not quite as tall as many others, but there is less chance of collapse. We also like that the feet have rubber pads on them to ensure the V770 will not slide around.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 21

We removed a few of the keycaps to see what was to be found under them. We find that the majority of the keys are Kailh Red switches, and the larger keys have exposed torsion bars. The reason we say "most" is that some of the extra function buttons do not feel mechanical, and we could not open this keyboard to verify.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 22

The keycaps are standard for the industry. They are made of plastic with the initial white mold. Once that was done, they are painted, and the legends are etched. Each cap sports standard Cherry MX stems so custom keycaps are an easy option, and we can also see the holders for the torsion bar in the wider cap.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 23

All that was left to do was to power the Viper V770 and see what happens. By default, the V770 RGB is in the Wave Mode and is displaying the full spectrum of colors. With the wrist rest in place, we also see that the stripe and Viper log are following the colors presented on the keys. All in all, a super slick looking keyboard.

Viper Software

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 24

After downloading, installing, and running the Viper software, this is what you will be greeted with first. One large window to do all the things. Down the left side, we find that we can adjust the lighting effects of the keyboard and the rest separately before we find the LED brightness and speed sliders. You may also address the response time, report rate, and select if you go to game mode or Windows key lock mode when the print screen button and Function key are pressed.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 25

Rather than to call out all of the modes, we decided to show the drop-down box with all of the choices. Not only is the V770 equipped with eleven preset modes, but there are also five profiles which can be set to your specifications.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 26

The palm rest has a lesser list of options, but we do see that there are four modes to use. Static and breathing modes can be adjusted in the colors, but with Vortex and Wave modes, the colors choices have been made for you.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 27

If you are in the static mode, for either the keyboard or rest LEDs, you click on an empty box, and another window pops up. You can select one of the forty-eight presets, use the HSL and RGB numbers to get the desired color or use the spectrum image and the slider to the right of it.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 28

When you click on the profiles tab, you can click on the same word and rename it, but you need to create profiles on the keyboard for more of them to be shown here. You can also import profiles from previous RGB keyboards, or export ones which are not used much to the storage drive of the PC.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 29

Clicking on the Macros tab brings up this window. Simply click new, and name the Macro in the left window. You then click on start recording, enter the chain of commands, and then click stop recording. The commands will show in the middle column, and to the right, you can use time delays or loop the command.

Patriot Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review 30

By clicking on any of the keys in the keyboard image, another window is shown. For this image, we selected the Y key, and are shown that this is where you assign everything you have done with the rest of the software. This includes the Macro keys as well as the Profile keys, and you can change everything from its function to the lighting produced under it, and it is the backbone of how the majority of the customizations are done.

Gaming and General Impressions


Coming from a keyboard with blue switches in it, we did like the lesser amount of noise when using the V770 RGB based on Kailh RED switches. Reds are not exactly silent, as the keycaps still make noise, but when playing a game like PUBG, we did not hear much of them, as our hand is consistently resting on the keys we use the most. The profiles came in handy for this game as we can illuminate only those keys used for the game, which is not only good for playing in the dark but can also be used as a learning tool for beginners.

With a game like DOOM, use of the keyboard is pretty straight forward. We could have easily mapped the keys and LEDs; we could also kill all other keys we don't use so that you aren't left pressing things all willy-nilly. Since there is built in anti-ghosting support and full NKRO set right out of the box, no matter the game you play, the Viper V770 RGB will never miss a keystroke.

Windows and Productivity

While we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Viper V770 RGB, we do not see it lasting long on our desk. Since we have fat fingers, we are constantly finding that we are pressing multiple keys at once, and while righting this review, typos all abound. Usually, after a few days, we tend to adapt better to red switches, but there is a level of sensitivity we are seemingly unable to overcome. For many, this is a good thing, especially if you are already used to use of red switch keyboards.

Those of you who are already accustomed to such switches may find that your typing may improve, as it appears that Patriot has some of the most sensitive Kailh red switches available. The feel of the keys is nice, with a complete lack of vibrations, and there is very little flex able to be had with this design. Even though the V770 RGB is thin, it is surprisingly structurally sound and stable for day to day use, and that we thoroughly enjoyed.

Final Thoughts

There aren't many keyboards on the market that offer the level of features that the Viper V770 RGB does, and even fewer that do so in the manner in which this keyboard does. Having nearly all of the customizations right at your fingertips, without the need for software usage most of the time, one can simply plug in the V770 and start to enjoy all the benefits. The look of the keyboard is top notch with the mix of black and gunmetal gray, the exposed plate means there is a flood of LED lighting across the entire keyboard, and to add more flash to that idea, the side panels are also illuminated. The font used is easy to read, and when it comes to secondary functions or extra buttons, they are all easy to read and find in the dark. Stylistically, and functionally, we have no real complaints to speak of.

If you them dive into the software and have downloaded the manual to get an idea of what all of the extra keys are for, you can come up with some very creative solutions in not only RGB backlighting, but also in the overall functionality a profile can offer you. On initial use, the software can be a tad confusing, but with a few attempts and changing things in the software, the Viper V770 RGB can be the perfect complement to any game style, and any genre of game as well. The Macro system is not the most involved layout we have ever seen, but it will get the job done. The only thing we missed is a way to edit a pre-existing macro, because the way this is designed, is if you mess it up, you have to delete the entire Macro and try again. Even with a few minor shortcomings to the overall user experience, we feel that for only the second keyboard to come out of the Patriot factory, they did a damn fine job at delivering the goods.

The final decision of any product comes down to the cost, and we do not feel this is a factor that should stop anyone. If you do decide to buy this keyboard at a later date, where pricing is closer to the $139.99 MSRP, we feel you are getting a fairly decent product for the cost. However, if you are looking at the currently listed pricing, where we find the Viper V770 for just $119.99, the deal is so much sweeter. You may indeed be able to find a similarly equipped solution for gaming, but most of them are well over the $150 mark. This is where Patriot and their Viper V770 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard step to the forefront, and deliver a keyboard which is as feature rich as it gets, it is built quite well, and the bottom line is that you get huge bang-for-the-buck in such a product.

Chad's Peripherals Test System Specifications

TweakTown award

The Bottom Line: It's rare to find a keyboard that is this functional, structurally solid, and with a lack of major cost involved! Patriot has evolved the earlier keyboard to new heights, and the Viper V770 RGB will not leave its owners wanting, on any level.

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