Windows 10 users, prepare for more nagging: Microsoft ramps up drive to upgrade to Windows 11

'A new journey with Windows' nag panel invaded our desktop recently, and Microsoft has more going on besides this by way of persuading folks to upgrade.

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If you're fed up with Microsoft trying to persuade you to upgrade from Windows 10 to its newest operating system, well, we've got some bad news - it seems more nagging is underway.

Your journey is heading to Windows 11 - make no mistake (Image Credit: Microsoft)

Your journey is heading to Windows 11 - make no mistake (Image Credit: Microsoft)

In fact, this appears to be a fresh drive to try to stoke Windows 11 adoption, which as you may have noticed is flagging of late (and it was never going all that well at any point, certainly not compared to how Windows 10 took off back in the day).

It includes something that just popped up on our Windows 10 PC, namely a 'campaign' icon that appeared on our taskbar, invoking a full-screen message (see above) telling us our PC isn't eligible for a Windows 11 upgrade. (Because we haven't sorted the TPM out - not wanting to upgrade this device yet, anyway).

Users can click to learn more about support for Windows 10 ending, whereupon another screen is presented (see below) urging them to transition to a new PC that can run Windows 11.

The next step: Buying a new Windows 11 PC, of course (Image Credit: Microsoft)

The next step: Buying a new Windows 11 PC, of course (Image Credit: Microsoft)

New web portal

On top of this, Windows Latest noticed that Microsoft has a new 'end of support' website that packs in a whole lot of "information, tools and tips" regarding making the move from Windows 10 (or indeed Windows 7 or 8) to Windows 11.

There's a firm reminder that support for Windows 10 runs out on October 14, 2025 (less than a year and a half away now) and that the older OS won't be secure any longer after that date, as security updates won't be provided (or anything else for that matter). Not unless you pay for extended updates, that is (and we don't yet know how much that'll cost for a personal user, as Microsoft has only discussed the price businesses will pay).

The website contains a whole lot of pushing Windows 11's features and additional capabilities over and above Windows 10, as you might expect, and there's a comparison chart showing the plus points of the latest Windows operating system to boot.

Those who can't upgrade their Windows 10 PC - due to falling short on the hardware requirements (like us, at least for now) - are offered another alternative, namely buying a whole new machine. Yes, as previously recommended by the nag panel we were hit with (and of course, Microsoft preferably wants you to purchase a Copilot+ PC, the latest excursion on its big AI drive).

Clearly, then, Microsoft seems to have kicked-off another initiative hoping to drive folks towards Windows 11, and our guess is that as 2025 rolls into town, we're going to see a lot more of this - with ever more dire warnings of trouble ahead.

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