AMD launches its Puma mobile platform in Taipei

AMD presented its compeditor to Centrino - Puma.

Published Jun 5, 2008 11:42 PM CDT   |   Updated Tue, Nov 3 2020 12:38 PM CST
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COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2008 Day 3 of the events at Computex took me to the AMD press conference, to be honest it was all talk, a few videos and a lot of slide shows, not much really to get excited about or take pictures of.

One of the big announcements is that AMD is bringing a new competitor to the mobile market to take on Centrino, this is called Puma and it involves quite a bit of new technology. First off its a complete setup similar to Centrino, it is comprised of a CPU, certain chipset as well as WiMAX networking - something that has been talked about by Intel in most of its press releases along with Intel partners.

The platform's new CPU is Turion X2 Ultra CPU designed around a K10 architecture, it supports HT3, dynamic clock and voltage controls of each core - that's right, they are independent as well as some extra goodies to help maintain battery life.

The chipset used is the AMD 780G with its Radeon HD3200IGP, however AMD is supporting Hybrid Graphics as well as PowerXpress. We have covered Hybrid Graphics but PowerXpress works in this fashion - if your Puma system has a discrete GPU onboard, when the power is plugged in, the discrete GPU does all the video rendering, if you go to battery power, the discrete GPU is disabled and the IGP takes over.

Lastly is the WiMAX networking which has been talked about quite a bit but to say that 25Mbps+ transfers allowing for real time streaming of HD movie content is nothing to laugh about, nice to see AMD working to adopt WiMAX.

That's it for now; we will bring you a full review of Puma as soon as one gets into the TweakTown labs.
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