This AI platform floats in the ocean as 'sovereign nation state' with 10,000 x NVIDIA H100 GPUs

With AI bans spreading across the world through sanctions, AI companies are taking to the seas with Del Complex's new Blue Sea Frontier Compute Cluster.

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The Biden administration has been putting its foot down on countries building up their presence in the AI hardware world; sanctions on China will effectively cut the country out of the "AI race," and now companies are going around that... so around, they're taking to the seas as a sovereign nation-state.

This AI platform floats in the ocean as 'sovereign nation state' with 10,000 x NVIDIA H100 GPUs 202

Del Complex has just announced its new Blue Sea Fronter Compute Cluster (BSFCC) which is a massive AI platform that floats on international waters, acting as a sovereign nation-state with its own security forces to protect the investment: 10,000 x NVIDIA H100 AI GPUs. They're like GPU gold these days, so this is a heavily protected facility that floats in the ocean using GPUs to act as an AI platform.

The company explains on its website that the "rapid pace of artificial intelligence has led to hastily drafted government regulation" -- directly calling out the Biden administration's recent AI Executive Order and the European Union's AI act -- forced its hand to engineer a solution ready to set sail, which turned into the BlueSea Frontier Compute Cluster. Del Complex calls it a groundbreaking venture in international waters, blending cutting-edge technology with unparalleled autonomy.

Del Complex will have more than one BSFCC operating as its own sovereign nation state deep in international waters, where it will be free from the "constraints of regulatory bodies". The company explains that these networked states are "untouched by decelerationist rhetoric, and offer additional benefits as tax shelter opportunities".

The United Nations is a big reason: Del Complex explains their BSFCC's floating AI platforms acting as a sovereign nation state is recognized through the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) and the Montevideo Convention, which defines the rights and responsibilities of nation states, including the BSFCC.

Each of the BSFCC platforms will be able to have:

  • A permanent population.
  • A defined territory.
  • A government.
  • The capacity to enter into relations with other states.

This means that each of the BSFCCs are governed by their own charter... which is a document that lists the rights and responsibilities of both its residents, and visitors. Each individual charter is a living document, capable of being amended by the operators of the individual BSFCC -- a sovereign nation state, remember -- and their corporate partners.

This AI platform floats in the ocean as 'sovereign nation state' with 10,000 x NVIDIA H100 GPUs 203

Del Complex explains on its website: "The Biden administration's recent AI Executive Order and the European Union's AI Act are thinly veiled attempts to centralize control under the guise of protecting citizens. This regulation not only stalls the pace of innovation, but also interferes with the very cosmic endowment of humanity. These technologies are not mere tools. They are the embodiment of human ambition and the realization of our potential".

"It is in this spirit that Del Complex takes frontier AI models into a new boundless, blue sea frontier. Free from regulatory oversight, The BlueSea Frontier Compute Clusters offer unparalleled opportunities to train and deploy the next generation of large scale AI models".

Del Complex is putting serious work into the security on each of its BSFCC platforms, which will be hosting a permanent population of residents that will be recruited from allied nation-state military forces, as well as Xio Sky Securityt Solutions staff. Residents of the BSFCC will have dual citizenship, a high wage, reduced taxation, a "unique" work environment -- it truly is a unique work environment, a floating AI platform -- and the privilege of working on cutting-edge tech.

This AI platform floats in the ocean as 'sovereign nation state' with 10,000 x NVIDIA H100 GPUs 204

Each BSFCC will have next-gen technologies protecting it, including electronic jamming equipment, aerial surveillance, optical and thermal camouflage, and other "robust defense capabilities".


  • Over 10,000 NVIDIA H100 GPUs per platform providing unparalleled compute and industry leading performance.
  • Not just a compute cluster, each BSFCC is a sovereign nation state for innovation and acceleration.
  • Kinetic risk mitigation with dedicated security forces.
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