NVIDIA and Intel's latest GPU drivers add day-one support for F1 23 and Aliens Dark Descent

The new GeForce Game Ready 536.23 from NVIDIA and Intel Graphics Beta Driver are here with support for new PC games.

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NVIDIA has released a new driver update with the GeForce Game Ready 536.23 WHQL driver now available for download or updating via the GeForce Experience app. It brings day-one support for F1 23, out June 16, which supports DLSS and ray-tracing in the form of reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion. Like F1 22, DLSS 3 support is coming with a post-launch update.

GeForce Game Ready 536.23 also supports Aliens: Dark Descent, a cool-looking XCOM strategy game set in the Aliens universe - specifically James Cameron's Aliens. And both F1 23 and Aliens: Dark Descent support is part of the new Intel Game On Drivers for Arc Graphics which has also dropped today. F1 23 is also set to support Intel's XeSS on day one to boost performance on the Intel Arc A750.

Intel's latest driver release preps Arc Graphics for the upcoming release of Counter-Strike 2 from Valve, the official free upgrade to CS:GO. Running on the Source 2 engine, it promises several visual overhauls and dramatically improves the server-side tech. This is excellent news for Arc owners, as CSGO presented quite a few issues when the GPUs launched last year; the Intel Arc A750 can deliver 167 FPS at 1440p High settings with 1% lows of 130 FPS.

Intel also added support for Forever Skies and Layers of Fear, promising higher than 60fps performance on the Intel Arc A750 for both titles running High settings at 1080p.

Finally, on the NVIDIA front, a bunch of new monitors got G-SYNC compatibility certification from ASUS, LG, and Panasonic - with the latter bringing the VRR tech to OLED displays ranging from 42, 48, 55, and 65 inches.

NEWS SOURCES:nvidia.com, game.intel.com

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