Electric freight trucks to drive as far and carry as much as diesel

Electric trucks will quickly catch and surpass diesel trucks in terms of cost and capabilities, study finds - and this is likely to happen by 2035.

Electric freight trucks to drive as far and carry as much as diesel
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In an effort to reduce carbon emissions, trucking companies will greatly benefit from the expansion of battery electric (BEVs), and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) as a push away from diesel continues. Long-haul trucking also will benefit from operational requirements either meeting - or surpassing - similar diesel trucks.

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It's not just electric cars, pickup trucks, and SUVs receiving attention for product launches, with delivery vans, moving trucks, and big rigs also gaining from EV advancements. Companies are anxious for the total cost of ownership (TCO) of electric to become more financially advantageous over current diesel models.

The majority of trucks on European roads travel less than 500 miles per day while in use, and truck battery range is improving.

In addition, with improving the driving range and recharging not adding significant time losses during runs, EV trucks appear posed to find a way to significant growth through the end of the decade. The study has high hopes of complete market domination, with 100% ownership by 2030:

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According to a Transport & Environment report by TNO:

"All new urban, regional and long-haul trucks can be zero emission by 2035 across all European markets, with some national markets such as in Northern Europe expected to go even faster. All new sales in those segments will have a lower TCO compared to diesel while delivering the same capabilities in terms of range, payload, and driving times."

The European Climate Foundation aims for net zero emissions by 2050, with France, Denmark, Hungary, Luxembourg, and Spain agreeing to this goal. Both Germany and Sweden aim for a net zero target for 2045. The European Commission is expected to further clamp down on climate target goals and could throw additional support behind the change for long-haul trucks and heavy-duty vehicles.

It's not just electrification disrupting the trucking industry, with other tech-driven functionality also gaining traction. Daimler Trucks' Torc Robotics is currently testing autonomous semi-trucks, as they move one step closer to public fully autonomous operation.

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