Akasa believe size DOES matter!

220mm case fan announced.

| Nov 14, 2007 at 9:27 pm CST
Akasa have gone all out with this latest case fan, they've added a massive 220mm x 30mm offering to their lineup which uses a sleeve bearing design and operates at just 600RPM, yet due to its sheer massive size can still push 95.64CFM; this is particularly nice as its maximum noise output reaches just 23.48dB.

To glamour it up a bit more, Akasa have used a clear plastic for construction and no less than five blue LEDs to give it big bling. Pricing for the 'Big Boy' is said to come in at around 14 euros.

The real pain for many of you wanting a big bugger like this in your case would be the hassle of getting out the dremel etc. and butchering up your sidepanel.

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