Secretlab unveils 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair

The Batman hits US theaters on March 4, with Secretlab unleashing the officially licensed 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair.

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Secretlab is expanding its DC Collection of gaming chairs with the introduction of the officially licensed Secretlab "The Batman" Movie Edition chair... and it even has a magnetically detachable Bat emblem... oh man.

Secretlab unveils 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair 03

The new Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 "The Batman" Movie Edition gaming chair joins the ranks of the growing Secretlab DC Collection in The Joker Edition, The Flash Edition, the Superman Edition, and the older Dark Knight Edition gaming chairs.

In the usual Secretlab style, the new Batman Movie Edition gaming chair arrives in the Bruce Wayne-ready NEO Hybrid Leatherette with perforated matte leather detailing -- and what I need to see in-person -- a brand-new Bat emblem that magnetically attaches to the backrest. Secretlab teases that "The Batman" Edition gaming chair features "nuanced details inspired by Batman lore to create a statement piece for Super Hero aficionados". Uhhh, yeah Secretlab that's me and you really did nail those details (at least from the pictures).

Better yet, Secretlab has The Batman Edition gaming chair available in limited quantities and in multiple sizes: Small, Regular, and XL.

Secretlab unveils 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair 01Secretlab unveils 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair 02

Secretlab co-founder and CEO Ian Ang explains: "Fans have come to love our DC chairs over the years; we get people writing to request for restock each time one sells out. In celebration of the upcoming, all-new blockbuster 'The Batman', we decided to create an even more unique iteration for the truest Batman and DC fans".

Secretlab unveils 'The Batman' Movie Edition gaming chair 06

"Batman's gadgets and his suit have always reflected his complex character and we've incorporated that into our latest 'The Batman' Movie Edition chair - you'll have to watch the movie for the full impact of this Easter egg!"

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